Quan Lan Island


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Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island has long captivated tourists with the evergreen casuarina forest stretching magnificent white sand dunes. Coming to Quan Lan island, you will have an opportunity to discover the untouched and tranquil nature.

Image of Quan Lan Beach

How Quan Lan island is special?

Located in population of islands on dreaming Bai Tu Long BayQuan Lan Island is a wonderful land where the nature generously endows numerous benefits. It not only completely converges factors of natural scenic spot, but additionally keeps the fantastic number of historical values. It’s covering of 11 sq kilometer. Extending to the east direction from the foothills of the Van Don mountain range into Got mountain. There are many large mountains to the east. It’s look like a bulwark preventing waves from the sea to defend the inhabitants of the Island.

Image of Sunset in Quan Lan island

Coming Quan Lan Island, visitor will probably Be charmed by pristine beaches with white sands and blue waters that are clear, simultaneously they’ve an opportunity to visit the cultural historical relics and revel in delicious fish dishes inhabitants catching. It’s Worth a wonderful for visitor cruise Bai Tu Long particularly and Halong Bay cruise in general. Quan Lan seems as a world of evergreen aspen trees and pine forests. Stretching along the coast. It seems that the princess sleeping under the breathtaking sands.

The main transportation on this island are Tuk Tuk. So sometimes it’s look like in Phuket beach in Thailand.

The first impression when visitor arrive Quan Lan is peaceful area and sunny welcome from local people. Due to the welcome and committed guidance of the indigenous locals, tourists will in fact fully experience their fascinating vacation Vietnam. Travel at Quan Lan Beach are definitely not out of amazement at the pristine beauty and wilderness of the earth. As opposed to other beaches in North, Quan Lan Beach is incredibly pristine and smooth white sands along the coast. The sloping beach and serene waves are extremely acceptable for bathing. Additionally, Quan Lan progressively becomes far more intimate and charming with large golden sand dunes endlessly stretching, the blue water, along with pristine surrounding areas that haven’t been impact of the human.

It’s a great ideal for visitors can extend trip longer in the North of Vietnam vacation. The nature favorably endows sands in Quan Lan a distinctive beauty. These tiny grains of white sand are considerably smoother and purer than the other beaches of northern Vietnam. Additionally, white sandy coast will curve directly welcoming the sun create bright mild.

Image of Quan Lan

Quan Lan island sights

There are 3 beaches in Quan Lan Island. They are Son Hao, Minh Chau, Quan Lan beach. Son Hao Beach owns stretching sandy beaches and robust waves. This beach is a good choice for visitor like excitement. But Minh Chau beach is wonderful for calming emotions with little waves in the wind at the coast. But Quan Lan Beach top choice while visit this island because it’s the most beautiful of the three. It certainly attracts tourists with crescent shape extending, is encompassed by hills interspersing older casuarina pines.

What could be more enjoyable when lying in hammocks, breathing clean air and admiring the huge image of the nature? particularly, even when the night falls, visitor still satisfying with the waves. Although the night is dark, the light on the water is extremely spectacular with beautiful phosphorescent sheen. Quan Lan Beach is in fact safe and comfortable. Tourists will really be impressed by the peace, gentleness and purity of nature and locals here.


Immersing in Quan Lan waters will be actually among the best thing to do in Halong Bay generally. The white sand with purple blotches of water spinach flowers, sea breeze and whispering waves will be an unforgettable impression when visiting Quan Lan Island. The daily hustle and bustle of the urban life seems to disappear and be replaced with the harmony with the nature. Thanks to the beauty of the spectacular landscape and fresh atmosphere, Quan Lan Island truly brings the purity, the flawlessness, and the immensity of the waters for all those that once set foot in the beautiful virgin island.

How to get to Quan Lan Island:

There are many ways you can go to this island

  • Private boat from Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay (It’s nice you can kill your time and enjoy the beautiful of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay)
  • Speed boat route Cai Rong port – Minh Chau pier in Quan Lan island (Duration – 45 minutes): The cost on normal days : 120.000 vnd (6 usd) / one ticket / one way. The cost on weekends : 140.000 vnd (7 usd)/ one ticket/ one way.
  • Speed boat route Cai Rong port – Quan Lan pier in Quan Lan island (Duration – 60 minutes) The cost on normal days : 150.000 vnd (7,5 usd) / one ticket / one way. The cost on weekends : 170.000 vnd (8,5 usd)/ one ticket/ one way.
  • For detailed about speed boat tour you may visit this forum.

Recommended from Origin Team:

  • Don’t visit this Island on summer time (June, July, August) – This is peak season for local tourist
  • Best time to go: (April, May, Sept, Oct)
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