Ngoc Vung Island


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Ngoc Vung Island

Talking about Quang Ninh tourism, people immediately think of Halong, Bai Chay, Co To … However, Quang Ninh also has an island that few people know is Ngoc Vung.

How Ngoc Vung Island is unique?

Located on Van Hai island route, in Van Don district, Ngoc Vung is an island of 12km2 wide, with the ancient port of Cong Yen belonging to the system of Van Don trading port, relics of the ancient citadel of the Mac and Nguyen dynasties.

Ngoc Vung is located between two islands, Hon Net and Phuong Hoang. Looking down from above, Ngoc Island is as beautiful as a velvet shawl, with many white points of light that seem to be floating on the water.

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In the past, Ngoc Vung Island had a multitude of rare and precious pearls. At night, the pearl glowed a whole sea. The ancients said that at night, boats from afar often see the halo of sea oysters throughout an area around the island, hence the name Ngoc Vung.

This pristine island, only a unique concrete road through the island connects from Ngoc Vung port to the centre of the island and runs throughout the length of the beach. The beach here is very beautiful with clear blue water, fine white sand, long, flat and wild sand, stretching for nearly 3km, bending like a crescent moon, leaning against casuarina forest.

Top things to do in Ngoc Vung Island

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Truong Chinh Beach

It is a scenic, famous destination located in the South of Ngoc Vung Island. The beach stretches for nearly 3km, the white sand is flat and remains untouched. The beach is clean, with a gentle slope and not too deep, so it is very suitable for swimming. From the centre of the island, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the beach.

Uncle Ho memorial area

Here on November 12, 1962, Uncle Ho visited the army and people on the island. To remember that event, the people on the island have planted banyan trees at the place where Uncle Ho stood talking. Up to now, the banyan tree has luxuriantly luxuriant with its shade.

Ancient Citadel of Ngoc Vung

Built-in Binh Ngoc village, Ngoc Vung commune, Van Don district, so people in this area often called the ancient citadel of Ngoc Vung. According to the Archaeological Document, the citadel was built up in the Mac dynasty, then the Nguyen dynasty rebuilt and renamed Tinh Hai post or Ngoc Vung post.

Unfortunately, due to the impact of nature and people, the ancient citadel of Ngoc Vung can no longer maintain the status quo. In the past, the high citadel was built of stone. During the war period, people took the stone away plus the erosion of the rain and sun of Ngoc Vung ancient citadel was so low.

Cong Yen wharf and Cong Hung wharf

There are two ports in the northern area of Ngoc Vung island, which used to be the busiest and most important wharves of the Van Don trading port system under the feudal dynasty from the Ly to Nguyen Dynasty but the most flourishing period was in the Ly and Tran dynasties.

Freshwater lake

On the island, there are natural conditions like in the plain with a very large freshwater lake so people can have enough to favour the small fields. You will not be too surprised to see a peaceful scene like a village in the middle of the sea.

National flagpole on Ngoc Vung island

This is a military area (12 mm cannon hill) on the island, so you must get consent from Bien Phong before you can climb to explore. This place is only about over 100 meters high, looking up from the island can see the flag of the Fatherland fluttering, like a landmark marking the national sovereignty in the sea.

Camp on the island

Although Ngoc Vung also has quite a few motel services to serve tourists, if you want to immerse yourself in nature and experience the wildlife. You can organize camping activities, campfire right off the beach.

One day experience as a fisherman

Coming to Ngoc Vung in the summer, do not forget an interesting experience with fishermen raking or shoveling right on the beach. Large, white, sweet Ngoc Vung clam is a great ingredient for hot pot or grilled.

When is the best time to visit Ngoc Vung Island?

Like other islands in Quang Ninh, Ngoc Vung travel will be more wonderful when going in the summer from April to September.

Because at this time, the high temperature is suitable for swimming, seawater and the sky at this time always bring a brilliant blue for you to freely take pictures. However, at this time, you avoid the occasion of rough seas, storms or tropical depressions.

How to get there?

Located at sea, the only means of transport to Ngoc Vung is a boat. In Quang Ninh, there are 3 berths: Vung Duc port (Cam Pha city), Cai Rong port (Van Don) and Hon Gai port (Ha Long city) where you can buy train tickets to Ngoc Vung. So to get on the island you need to go to these ports first.

Usually, people will go from Cam Pha because the time here will be the fastest, but if you want to combine Quan Lan tour Halong Bay with Ngoc Vung, take the train from Hon Gai because the train from here will go. to Ngoc Vung and then to Quan Lan.

What to eat?

Like any other island in Vietnam, coming to Ngoc Vung, you will come to a world filled with seafood. Not 100% fresh, but quite delicious because there are always fishermen in these seas, so the supply of seafood is always abundant.

Grouper is not a strange dish for the people of the sea. However, by rustic processing. Grouper hot pot becomes a delicious and strange dish that few people can forget when coming to Ngoc Vung island commune.

Clam Ngoc Vung is 5-6 times bigger than the usual clam. Ngoc Vung clam is a naturally clean clam that cannot be cultured and is nowhere to be found because it is in pure white sand. This type of clam is not much and depending on the day it is available, it is very sweet to eat, can be baked, cooked, soup, or used when eating hot pot.

  • Squid
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Green Crab Ngoc Vung

Recommended accommodation

Hotel / Resort

Currently, when travelling to Ngoc Vung Island, you can book rooms at pretty nice hotels with separate bungalows right next to the sea.


If you want a low cost as well as more convenient way to explore the lives of the people on the island, you can book guest houses, homestays for the people. As it is an island commune, accommodation costs are naturally slightly more expensive than inland.

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