Bai Tu Long National Park


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Bai Tu Long National Park

Bai Tu Long National Park located in the Bai Tu Long Bay area. It’s is one of the gardens are all three ecosystems are quite intact. It is also home to many rare animals listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Bai Tu Long national park

How Bai Tu Long National Park is unique?

Bai Tu Long National Park is located in Bai Tu Long Bay tourist area, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. The total area of Bai Tu Long National Park is 15,783 ha, of which: forest land accounts for 6,125 ha, covering 40 different islands, the remaining area is sea surface, spare parts and flooded tidal flats. Due to the special geological structure, Ba Mun, Big Tra Ngoc, Small Tra Ngo, Sau Nam, Sau Dong… are adjacent, forming a closed arc. The interior of the arc is the habitat of many rare plants and animals.

Bai Tu Long national park

With such a large area, visitors to Ha Long tour is difficult to visit all the large and small islands in the national park Bai Tu Long. Therefore, many tour guides will guide visitors to visit the two most ecologically-friendly areas within the Bai Tu Long National Park. They are Ba Mun Island ecological area and Minh Chau commune.

Not only limestone mountain, Bai Tu Long National Park also has mysterious caves under the limestone mountains, including Cai De cave – the largest limestone cave in Ha Long Bay – Bai Tu Long. A very attractive destination for visitors.

Top Things to Do in Bai Tu Long National Park

1. Explore the ecology of Ba Mun island

The monkey in Ba Mun island

Ba Mun Island ecological area is one of the ecologically-rich ecosystems in Bai Tu Long National Park. Ba Mun island has a tropical evergreen forest ecosystem. That the reason why the trees on the island are always green. Visit the island of Ba Mun in Bai Tu Long National Park. You will discover one of the most beautiful rainforest ecosystems in the country.

If you follow the forest ranger in the forest. You will admire extremely rare species of orchids. Where you can see only in Hoang Lien Son and Ba Mun island. In addition to the rare species of plants, visitors will easily see the wild boar, chamois, civet, longtail monkeys, birds, snakes, turtles… while visiting Ba Mun island.

2. Visiting Cai De tunnels cave

Cai De cave

In tourist spots in Ha Long Bay, Cai Dau Cave is considered one of the most beautiful and attractive cave adventure tourists in Bai Tu Long Bay. Cai De has a length of 300 – 400 m running through a large limestone mountain. Specially on the ceiling and the two sides of the cave covered with stalactites strange shape.

What makes visitors want to go to Cai De cave is small boat can go deep in the cave. But to sails into the cave, visitors have to wait for the water because when the water up high, the sea will flood the ceiling.

3. Bat cave

Bat cave

Bat Cave is located in Cai Lim area. There are more than 10 hectares of mangrove forests. The Bat Cave is one of the most distinctive types of natural terrain due to the fact. That seawater flows through the reef, along with fresh water from the mountainside. There are many freshwater species. Such as: fish, snakes, frogs, and saltwater creatures such as shrimps, snails, sam…

Located at the end of the mangrove forest is Bat Cave – one of the famous tourist sites in Bai Tu Long National Park. Inside the cave is very large and inhabited by thousands of bats. In addition to the bat, there are other species of animals such as otters, civets, foxes… In particular, inside the bat also has a rare species of white hairy chestnut gold.

Beside Bat Cave, Bai Tu Long National Park also has another cave that also has many ecosystems such as Hang Soi Nhu. It is also a famous archaeological site with traces of Vietnamese people living 14,000 years ago.

4. Swimming at Minh Chau Beach

Minh Chau beach

Outside the area of Bai Tu Long National Park, there is a beautiful beach. It’s called Minh Chau beach, in Minh Chau commune. Compared with the beautiful beaches in Ha Long Bay, Minh Chau beach can be comparable to the famous beach Bai Chay, Tuan Chau beach…

Bai Tu Long National Park is one of the most impressive ecotourism in Bai Tu Long Bay. Many tourists come to Bai Tu Long National Park to travel annually. If visitors come to Bai Tu Long Bay should not overlook the opportunity to visit Bai Tu Long National Park. For booking in advance to visit Bai Tu Long Bay you may check out Or you may give us a call to 84 82 909 8686.

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