Ba Mun Island


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Ba Mun Island

Famous for its rich, diverse and beautiful flora, Ba Mun Island has long been an attractive destination for those who love adventure travel when coming to Quan Lan Beach.

How Ba Mun Island is unique?

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Ba Mun has an area of more than 200 ha, located in Minh Chau commune, parallel to Quan Lan island. On the island there are countless rare plant species and many other ancient trees, there are trees that cannot be hugged by three or four people. Tourists travelling on Quan Lan Halong tour to Ba Mun island will feel the fresh air of nature here, listening to funny birds singing in the early morning, creating the character of Ba Mun old forest.

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Top things to do in Ba Mun Island

Explore the primaeval forest with the richness of flora and fauna. Ba Mun Island is the largest natural wildlife sanctuary in the Northeast.

The characteristic of Ba Mun Island is the broad-leaved forest with green colour all year round, creating a beautiful landscape that attracts many visitors. You can explore Ba Mun Island on your own by following natural trails, routes dedicated to forest patrol. To visit all Ba Mun Island, you should spend about 2-3 days tour in Halong Bay to be able to explore all the attractions here.

The flora and fauna on the island are extremely rich, including many rare and precious species. The most prominent plants are red broccoli and other plants such as Lim, chrysanthemum, tau, etc. In which the most notable is the slipper orchid, a few years ago it was mistakenly thought that this plant was extinct. Currently, comedy orchids are found only in Lao Cai and Ba Mun.

Is it worth to visit Ba Mun island

As for animals, Ba Mun has many rare species, including a population of yellow deer which is still quite large and is also a unique population in the Northeast – Vietnam. Yellow deer often go to eat at night, during the day, although visitors can hardly see the deer, but can still see the footprints they leave. There are also other kinds of animals such as chamois, deer, monkeys, langurs etc … and seabirds, migratory birds. With a variety of animals, Ba Mun Island is the largest natural wildlife sanctuary in the Northeast. Therefore, in the past, local people called Ba Mun Island “Animal Island”.

Coming to Ba Mun, visitors can explore by themselves along with several nature trails on the island, and patrol routes for forest control. To go through a tour on Ba Mun island, visit each ecosystem in detail, it takes at least 3 days. If you use a canoe to run around the island, it will take about 5 hours. Currently, on Ba Mun island there is a wildlife rescue centre (belonging to Bai Tu Long National Park). Here, visitors can contact the Center for assistance and assistance.

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How to get there?

If departing from Hanoi to Van Don, the most convenient means of transportation is a bus. The distance from Hanoi to Van Don is about 220km, so it will be about 4-5 hours cool. You can take the bus to Van Don at the bus stations of My Dinh, Yen Nghia, Luong Yen, Gia Lam …

Ba Mun Island is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, about 15km from the mainland.

Currently, visitors who want to visit Ba Mun island, will pick up a high-speed boat from Cai Rong port in Van Don and will arrive after about 45 minutes. Ba Mun Island with fresh green space, open nature is an ideal destination for tourists who love island nature, exploring, and enjoying.

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When is the best time to visit Ba Mun Island?

The most suitable time to travel to Ba Mun Island, explore the primary forest is in the summer from April to June. Coming here in the summer, you can immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, walking on the long white sand.

What to eat?

When travelling to Van Don, you should enjoy fresh seafood. The outstanding seafood dishes of Van Don are squid, grilled oysters, tu hai, jellyfish salad, and especially as sung. Besides, coming to Quang Ninh, you should try the squid pies once. The squid rolls here have a very different taste from those of other places. Because of its natural sweetness and chewy texture, it is difficult to see squid in other localities. You can order Ha Long squid pies or squid rolls to enjoy in the morning. It is a great choice.

Recommended accommodation

  • Thanh Thuy Guesthouse
  • Ngoc Anh Hotel
  • Hoang Grand

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ba Mun Island

What Are The Most Amazing Things To Do In Ba Mun Island?

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Which Place Is Must See In Ba Mun Island?

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