Pac Ngoi Village
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Pac Ngoi Village

Located in the core zone of Ba Be National Park, Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district with nearly 80 households and nearly 400 people, mainly Tay people. Pac Ngoi is one of the few villages that still retain the traditions and customs of the Tay ethnic culture.

Leaning against the mountain, reflecting on the surface of Ba Be Lake. Pac Ngoi village with beautiful stilt houses is an attractive stop for tourists when coming to Ba Be. Here, you will not only be able to admire the magnificent nature of Ba Be Lake. But you will also be able to immerse yourself in the typical culture of the Tay ethnic people in Northeast Vietnam. Surely this is an experience not to be missed if you come to Bac Kan. Let’s take a tour around this romantic village with Origin Vietnam to see what’s interesting here!

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Where is Pac Ngoi village?

Pac Ngoi village is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. It is a village of the Tay ethnic group with closely spaced stilt houses, next to green fields, between rolling mountains and The surface of Ba Be Lake is quiet. The stilt houses here are all built with their backs against the mountain, their doors facing the lake, creating a poetic feeling amidst the overwhelming natural scenery.

Not only possessing beautiful natural scenery, when you come here, you will also be able to immerse yourself in the fresh, cool air of the Northeast of Vietnam, which will be a wonderful experience. At the same time, Pac Ngoi village is also a place to preserve and promote the cultural values of the Tay people to domestic and foreign tourists.

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Which is the best season to visit Pac Ngoi village?

Bac Kan is a province in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, so the climate is cool and pleasant all year round. Therefore, you can come to Bac Kan at any time of the year. From May to July is a very suitable time to go to Bac Kan, when you will feel the pleasant atmosphere of the Northeast mountains and forests and see the beautiful natural scenery.

Pac Ngoi village in Bac Kan will be truly poetic in spring, summer and early autumn. Coming to Pac Ngoi at those times, you will fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains and forests and Ba Be Lake. At the same time, if you come at this time, the extremely pleasant atmosphere and majestic natural scenery will definitely impress you. is an absolutely wonderful experience.

How to get to Pac Ngoi village?

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For provinces in the North of Vietnam

If you are living in the Northern provinces, moving to Bac Kan will not be too difficult. Bac Kan city is only about 150 km far from Hanoi, so you can easily choose transportation between traveling by motorbike or coach. For tourists traveling by bus, you can depart from My Dinh or Gia Lam bus station to Bac Kan city, then continue to catch a bus to Ba Be Lake to reach Pac Ngoi village.

Pac Ngoi village is about 70 km northwest of Bac Kan province city center and 220 km northeast of Hanoi. Therefore, you need to prepare a specific route, safety equipment and practice driving skills when traveling by motorbike!

For provinces in Central and Southern of Vietnam

To get to Bac Kan from the Central and Southern provinces of Vietnam, you need to book a flight ticket to Hanoi first and then you can travel by motorbike or bus from Hanoi to Bac Kan.

What is unique and attractive about Pac Ngoi village?

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The beauty of Tay culture

Pac Ngoi village is a place in Ba Be National Park tours package. That will shows the beauty of the Tay ethnic people to many domestic and foreign tourists. Once you come here, you will learn deeply about the customs and habits of the Tay people. Not stopping there, you can also immerse yourself in the melodies of then, living with the people during the ceremony. Festivals to pray for harvest, pray for rain. Especially life cycle festivals of the people here such as full month festivals, longevity celebrations…

Not only that, you will also be able to see with your own eyes the local people weaving brocade, making corn wine… and also enjoy typical regional dishes cooked by the people themselves. When coming to Pac Ngoi, you will also be able to participate in campfire nights and traditional cultural activities of the people. This is an opportunity to eliminate all gaps, so that everyone can immerse themselves in traditional cultural and regional activities.

Beautiful natural scenery

It can be said that Pac Ngoi village is located in an extremely wonderful location when the terrain is relatively flat. In front is a green rice field with the flavor of the mountains. And forests, behind is a high and wide rocky mountain range as if embracing the entire village.

Coming here, you will fully feel the natural scenery, from majestic mountains to immense lakes, poetic fields fragrant with rice… creating Pac Ngoi village like a beautiful painting.

With the peace and tranquility but very beautiful that appears like in a fairy tale. And the stilt houses close together, people and nature almost blend together. Pac Ngoi village not only attracts tourists because of the sincerity of the local people but also the breathtaking natural scenery of the Northeast mountains.

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Specialties in Pac Ngoi Village.

Travelling to Pac Ngoi village, you will enjoy the traditional dishes of the people. Although not lavish or luxurious, they are certainly delicious and difficult to find elsewhere. Specialties in Bac Kan seem to attract tourists to stay. If you travelling in Vietnam as foodies lover. So here you can enjoy many dishes with the flavors of the mountains and forests.

When you come here, you must definitely enjoy typical dishes such as grilled Ba Be Lake fish, steamed chicken with lemon leaves… These dishes served with sticky rice made by local people will be a great combination. Stove buffalo meat, Northwest sausage, sour shrimp and plum jam will be the perfect gift for relatives. Also friends when they have the opportunity to come here.

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It’s worth a visiting Pac Ngoc Village

With the information from the article above, you surely have the necessary information about Pac Ngoi village, right? Hopefully you will have a wonderful trip with unprecedented experiences at this poetic place in the Northeast mountains of our country.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us immediately to book a tour to Pac Ngoi village. We are a professional and reliable tour operator and organizer in Ba Be National Park. Sure that we will take you on a journey to discover Pac Ngoi village with unforgettable experiences!

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