Ba Be Lake


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Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake, nestled in the captivating province of Bac Kan, stands as the ultimate travel destination. This exquisite freshwater lake, situated in Vietnam, unveils a mesmerizing landscape that leaves visitors in awe. Renowned as one of the 100 largest freshwater lakes worldwide, Ba Be Lake is a true gem within the enchanting Ba Be National Park.

Boat trip - Ba Be Lake

How Ba Be Lake is unique?

The lake was formed over 200 million years ago. The lake built up on the limestone mountains, creating the lake. The greatest value of Ba Be Lake is its unique geological landscape, outstanding geomorphological value and tremendous biodiversity value. This is the largest natural fresh water lake in Vietnam.

In 1995, Ba Be Lake was recognized by the World Hook Conference. Ba Be lake as one of 20 special freshwater lakes of the world that need protection. At the end of 2004, Ba Be National Park was recognized as the ASEAN Heritage Garden.

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The Legend of Ba Be Lake

Every year Nam Mau villagers have held large worship ceremony, known as the price. People across the countryside are very crowded. One day, a leprosy lady came to the village to attend the ceremony. Her clothes are ragged, tattered. Grandma smells bad, very uncomfortable, causing people to shun. The old lady turned to this house to eat, was dismissed, taunted. People are afraid of transmitting leprosy.

However, some people feel pity. It was a widow, with her children. She was not disgusted. Asked her to enter the their house for foods. Then, willing to let the old lady sleep by night, in the corner of the granary, in the tent. At midnight, the mother and daughter suddenly wake up, hear the loud rumbling noise from the barn. Open the door, they did not see the old lady. But a large bending curl thunder like thunder. The mother came out scared.

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In the morning, She saw the old lady come out from the barn and said. “I am not really human, I am a dragonfly, just begging to beg for the charity of the faithful people. Everyone was chasing me, except you and your child. You are the Buddha’s mind, the inevitable punishment of the superior has entrusted me to execute, it is a great flood. Whenever the source of water begins to flow here, the mother and child run quickly to the top of the mountain avoiding the accident. Two pieces of rice husk will help children save ”

Finished, the old woman disappears. On the next day, while people enjoying the festival ceremony. But suddenly, where the water flowed to the sides, flooding into the valley. People climb the roof, climb the tree. But the water filled up forever, flooded both the roofs and tall trees. Everyone was died, except for the mother and her widow had rushed to get up on the top of the mountain, releasing two pieces of hull husks are two boats.

With heavy rain, mother and children rowing to save people. In the mountains, the mother and child built a small room to live. This place, later became a crowded village. Water in the three lakes, but boats can not go from lake to lake, because there are large dams blocking. The Ba Be Lake is wide, the water is as green as jade, prominent in the mountains and majestic mountains of North Vietnam. Lake is a small island, the locals call it Go Gac.

Fisherman - Ba Be Lake

When is the best time to go to Ba Be Lake?

You can go to Ba Be Lake in the summer to enjoy the cool feeling of a mountain lake.

Come to the spring to participate in the Ba Be Lake Festival held on the 9th and 10th lunar month of the year. Rafting, wrestling, archery and traditional dance performances of ethnic groups are held during the festival.

How to get to Ba Be Lake?

Ba Be about 220km from Hanoi, travel time about 5h. The same trick offers some ways to move to Ba Be as follows

Private car

  1. From Hanoi follow National Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen, go to the intersection with 268 km (31 km), turn left to Dinh Hoa (Cho Chu), from here continue going along the 254 to Bang Lung (Cho Don) travel about 40km to Ba Be
  2. From Ha Noi along Highway 3 to Bac Kan, continue to Phu Thong Town, turn left to the 258 about 40km to Ba Be

Local bus

From Hanoi, there is a Thúy Nga car that runs directly to Ba Be from the My Dinh bus station.

  • Go Coach Hanoi – Ba Be from My Dinh bus station
  • From Hanoi, take the bus to Thai Nguyen , at Thai Nguyen bus station, continue to take the Nga Nga passenger car to Ba Be. Note that the car is the right bus. Because the bus usually only take you to Cho Ra without going to Ba Be Lake.

Accommodation in Ba Be Lake

Within the Ba Be National Park area. There are about 4 business units in the hotel, most of which are located in Cho Ra and neighboring areas of Ba Be Lake. But the best option is homestay. There are about 10 households doing business in combination services. If you are a natural person, you should sleep in the village to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Ba Be Lake tour 2 day from Hanoi

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Ba Be Lake! Discover the beauty of this pristine destination with an exhilarating boat trip or indulge in the thrill of kayaking through its crystal-clear waters. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and experience the untouched charm of Ba Be National Park. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create lifelong memories. Book your origin travel to Ba Be Lake today and let the magic unfold!

Please drop an email to or call direct to +84829098686 for All things need to know before travel to Ba Be National Park information.

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