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Dao Thanh Phan Ethnic Minority In Binh Lieu: Things You Don’t Know

Binh Lieu is a mountainous district of Quang Ninh province with nearly 50km of border with China. Binh Lieu has natural beauty, especially in the ripe rice season. This place still retains its natural beauty and local cultural identity. People in Binh Lieu are mainly ethnic minorities such as Hoa, Tay, Dao, San Chi,… Dao Thanh Phan people are the third largest after Tay and San Chi people.

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Where Does The Dao Thanh Phan Ethnic Minority Live?

The Dao people in Binh Lieu (also known as the Man people) have Dao Thanh Phan and Dao Thanh Y. The Dao Thanh Phan live mainly in the villages of Song Mooc A, Song Mooc B, Phat Chi, Khe Tien. They live in villages at the foot of the mountain or in the middle of the mountainside, near water for convenience in living and farming.

Coming to the villages of the Dao Thanh Phan people, you will feel the peaceful beauty of this place. Surrounding the village is the green of mountains and forests, covered with clouds all year round. They cleared high mountains into long, consecutive terraced fields.

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Unique Cultural Features Of The Dao Thanh Phan

Traditional Costume

The Dao Thanh Phan believe that colorful costumes will bring luck and ward off wild animals. Traditional costumes of Dao Thanh Phan women often wear a red box, wrap a patterned scarf on their head and tie a string on the chin, showing charm. Married women often have to shave their hair, eyebrows and have their teeth covered with gold.

Dao Thanh Phan woman has a unique beauty in her brilliant clothes and inherent friendliness. Everyday images of life such as flowers, terraced fields, harrows, etc. are skillfully presented by them in traditional costumes. From the old to the young, everyone knows how to embroider. Before getting married, Dao girls will embroider wedding dresses and other outfits by hand to give to their mother-in-law.

Architecture Of The House of The Dao Thanh Phan

The Dao Thanh Phan people build houses in the traditional way, building them with earth and yin-yang tile roofs. They often build houses in high places, sheltered from the wind, near water sources for convenience in living and farming. Even though it’s hot in the summer, when you step into the house, you will feel cool. The Dao Thanh Phan people have many houses with ancient walls. You can travel to Binh Lieu and explore this traditional architectural beauty.

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The Beauty Of The Villages Of The Dao Thanh Phan

Coming to the villages of the Dao people, you will be immersed in the natural beauty of the mountains and forests and the fresh air. The terraced fields stretch out. In October – November, the rice season is ripe, a yellow color covers the border road. People harvest together from morning to late evening.

After December 15 (lunar calendar), the Dao Thanh Phan traditionally celebrate Tet. The shaman will choose a good day and then the family will celebrate Tet at the ancestral house, a place to worship the ancestors of each Dao family.

If you have the opportunity to come here, don’t forget to miss the Dao specialties such as pork cooked with ginger, pork cooked with banana trees, stir-fried pho…

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