Travel Ha Giang During Lunar New Year Time
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Travel Ha Giang During Lunar New Year Time

Because this is the first point of the country that everyone should come once? By the image of a Dong Van with clouds hugging the mountain in the early days of the year is so wonderful? By the cold to the face when standing on Lung Cu flagpole? By the way of Quan Ba ​​Pass? By ethnic colors? Or just by the sound of birds chirping with a beautiful new year has arrived?…

Travel Ha Giang During Lunar New Year Time

Whatever the answer, Ha Giang tourism still deserves an attractive option for the first days of the year. Let’s prepare the luggage for ORIGINVIETNAM.COM for tours to Ha Giang exciting.

How long is it to travel to Ha Giang?

It is never enough to fully enjoy somewhere you have loved. However, if for a limited time you do not want to ignore any attractive destinations in Ha Giang. Perhaps the 5-day 4-night schedule is reasonable. Specifically, if you are adventurous lover and can ride motorcycles. It will be a good choice for those who want to feel all the flavor of the mountains and forests here.

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What to bring when traveling to Ha Giang?

A land with rugged terrain, cold weather and also a convergence of many cultural colors from ethnic groups, must have a complete tour you will need to prepare carefully. With a 5-day and 4-night trip, Origin Vietnam team will suggest to you the means of transport, the necessary equipment and must bring the cultural notes to Ha Giang.

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How to dress?

Our destination is the alpine area so when you travel you have to be prepared quite carefully for the belongings due to the topographic conditions and facilities here are lacking. Therefore, the criteria when traveling in the mountains is that you should choose the right clothes, comfortable, easy to clean, less stained, should wear multi-layer clothes to easily change according to the weather (to be able to to the heavy coats at home). Clothes must be easy to wash by hand because there will be no dry cleaning service on it.

Because this is winter in Ha Giang: You must carefully prepare warm clothes, waterproof windbreaker, water proof, ear plugs, masks, heating bags, gloves, raincoats …


Due to the need to move a lot on hilly terrain. You should prepare sports shoes and dark colors to make it easy to mix clothes, not to wear heavy shoes.

Shoes when going to Ha Giang must be gentle, neat, soft, good on the road because the road will have to walk a lot on the hills, rocky and slippery land.

Should bring two pairs of shoes, one pair of waterproof to go rain and a pair of cool to go to the hot weather.

Things to pay attention to when traveling to Ha Giang

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The villages of ethnic people are places where tourists very excited to visit. Especially the people here are quite friendly and hospitable. But there are many things to keep in mind when visiting here:

  1. Don’t entry if you see the gate of the village, the gates of H-Mong, Dao people, hanging green leaves on high pillars, or sticking stakes. Because it is the time when the people in the hamlet perform the worshiping ceremony. Such as. worshiping the village gods, chasing away evil spirits… So people are very abstain from having strangers in the village.
  2. Travel in the village should not say loudly, jokingly disorderly, littering, meeting small children should not cuddle, rub their heads. Because people from such conception will make them sick.
  3. Not wear all white clothes because it is the color of mourning.
  4. No whistling while in the village. Because the people here conceive of doing so will call the devil about harassment.
  5. There are sacred forests in each village. That the places of worship of forest gods, mountain gods, river gods. It can be big trees or big rocks. When you come here you absolutely must not discharge littering, talking jokes, or acting unkindly.

Rustic features of H-Mong people on Ha Giang land

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Behavior when talking, in-house contact of ethnic people is also very important. There are many taboo things You should to know:

  1. Before entering the house of the people. You must ask the landlord for permission first before visit them.
  2. In the house of the ethnic people, perhaps the most sacred is the “pillar” of the house, which is the tallest column usually in the middle of the house, the place of worship, where the ghosts dwelling. Don’t sit back, hang clothes here.
  3. Eating and sleeping. You should follow by the direction and arrangement of the host. Because the ethnic people have very clear conceptions about their roles, seats and sleeping places. Often we should avoid sitting at the head of the table, sitting at the altar of worship. And do not pour wine first, pick up food before the landlord.
  4. In the Dao’s kitchen should not hang clothes, do not set foot, move the stones in the kitchen. This is the shelter of the fire god. Do not reverse the bamboo and firewood into the kitchen. Because of the fear that the daughter of the landlord will reverse.
  5. When talking, you should not point at the opposite person. If anyone invite you to drink wine. But if you want to refuse, you have to say very skillfully so that the landlord understands and sympathizes. Should not put the cup or bow down because it is only The new wizard is made to ward off evil spirits.

In addition to the notes and suggestions on the necessary items, what experience and story do you have when holiday in Ha Giang? You can share with Origin Vietnam and readers to have the same interesting tours!

Embarking on a journey to Ha Giang during the Lunar New Year presents a remarkable opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich cultural heritage of the region. Origin Travel’s Ha Giang cultural tours offer a unique and authentic experience, allowing travelers to witness the vibrant traditions and customs that make this destination so enchanting.

During this special time of year, Ha Giang comes alive with festive celebrations, where visitors can witness the mesmerizing rituals, colorful parades, and joyful gatherings. Exploring the breathtaking landscapes, from towering limestone mountains to sprawling terraced rice fields, adds another layer of beauty to the journey. The warmth and hospitality of the locals, combined with the delicious traditional cuisine, create an unforgettable experience that truly captures the spirit of the Lunar New Year.

As we reflect on the wonders of Ha Giang and the cultural richness it has to offer, we are reminded of the importance of preserving and cherishing such traditions. The customs and practices passed down through generations are invaluable, providing a connection to our past and shaping our future.

Therefore, let us embrace the call to action to support sustainable tourism and responsible travel practices in Ha Giang. By choosing Origin Travel’s Ha Giang cultural tours, we contribute to the local economy and empower the community while preserving the cultural heritage of this incredible region. We must respect the customs and traditions of the locals, ensuring that our presence benefits both the residents and the environment.

So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to Ha Giang during the Lunar New Year. Experience the magic of this extraordinary destination and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let us be conscious travelers, respecting the cultural treasures we encounter and leaving a positive impact in our wake. Together, we can preserve Ha Giang’s cultural legacy and promote a sustainable future for generations to come.

Photos by Denise

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