Top 8 Interesting Things To Do In Hoian
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Top 8 Interesting Things To Do In Hoian

Hoian is a famous ancient town in Central Vietnam. There is something for everyone to do in Hoian. It is the best way to walk through ancient town to discover deeply this city.

Top 8 Interesting Things To Do In Hoi an
It’s no surprise why people love to have a trip to Hoian ancient town in Vietnam. It is a city with complex history, delicious local food, fun nightlife, and famous for hundreds of Hoian tailors. This historic town has so many activities to do while staying here. Whatever your feeling, Hoian has got it. You will have never been bored with all the interesting things to do in Hoian. Whether how long do you have in Hoian, please check this site.

There are 8 interesting things to do in Hoian

1. Relax at An Bang beach:

An Bang beach - Hoian tours

Just 5km from Hoian town center, An Bang Beach is easy to reach here. This beach is also famous for the luxury resort with private beach. Therefore, Rent a bike or motorbike and ride head north of Hoi An on Hai Bà Trưng street for about 5 km until you reach An Bang beach. You can park your bike or motorbike at any restaurants where you’re required to buy a drink for the owner to “watch” your bike. However, it is recommended to buy a water, because the beach is hot. You can relax in the lounge there all day that you can rent. There are plenty of restaurants around so you can enjoy fresh seafood.

2. Have tailor-made with fast time:

Have tailor-made with fast time - Hoian tours

Another reason people travel to Hoi An is that it is one of the cheapest cities in the world to get custom-made suits and dresses. There are hundreds of tailors in Hoian for you to choose. And let make a reference or research for a tailor as your pleasure before you shop and go to the top rated. Your suits and dresses can be made very fast within 1 day as your request.

3. Walk along streets and taste street foods:

Walk along streets and taste street foods - Hoian tours

Hoian town is located in Central Vietnam; therefore, its food is spacy. It is famous for many foods. The first is Cao Lau (noodle dish) because just in Hoian has this food. In fact, it is the best place for walking around streets inside the ancient town and local market to try the local foods here. Sit down at any food stall on the streets and taste it. Just with a lunch or dinner, you can taste many different dishes with a very reasonable price. And make sure the price before you order.

4. Have a Motorbike to Hai Van Pass:

Have a Motorbike to Hai Van Pass - Hoian tours

Hai Van Pass is a famous pass between Hue city and Danang city. It is wonderful to have a motorbike trip along the coastline Hoian and Danang to reach Hai Van Pass. It is one of the most spectacular coastline highways in Vietnam and the world. From the summit, it will give you the wonderful sightseeing of windy roads pass and another part is the sea and the panorama of Danang city. Just a half day, it will be a wonderful experience in your journey

5. Discover historic Hoian ancient town at night:

Discover historic Hoian ancient town at night - Hoiana tours

Hoian ancient town is really alive at night. As you enjoy street foods experience, the streets fill up with many food stalls, plastic chairs for travelers. Walk around ancient town to discover more the charming of old houses and roads at night. Especially, you walk through very narrow path inside Hoian ancient town to enjoy its special hidden charm with old wall. Nowhere modern city in Vietnam remains old well which still uses its water for daily life as in Hoian. You can see and talk with old people earn for their daily life and take the impressive photo while you wander around the town. No better way than to interact with other travelers to Vietnam as well as local, feel and sound the historic of Hoian

6. My Son Sanctuary Ruins:

My Son Sanctuary Ruins - Hoian tours

My Son Sanctuary Ruins is UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hoian. Just one destination you can visit two World Heritage Sites. Rent a motorbike, car and travel out of the town about 50km to visit Champa Old Ruins. Just half day you can visit My Son as your own way or book a tour with a travel company with your guide to understand more its history

7. Cooking class in Hoian:

Cooking class in Hoian - Hoian tours

Hoian is well known for its diverse and excellent food. Cooking class is one of the favorite things to do in Hoian. It seems that there are many restaurants in Hoian offer cooking class and some are famous to tourists. After visiting the local fascinating market to buy ingredients, you back the restaurant for starting cooking class with the chef. Some have offer boat riding along Thu Bon River to reach the restaurant for cooking class. It is fantastic to learn how to cook traditional Hoian foods such as fresh spring rolls, crispy pancakes, beef noodle salad, etc

8. Cycling around Hoian and countryside:

Cycling around Hoian and countryside - Hoian tours

Hoian ancient town bans cars and even motorbikes from the center of Hoian, therefore, the pushbike is king. Most hotels and guesthouses offer free bikes to guests. To discover deeply the field, hidden roads in ancient town, countryside with rice fields, traditional villages, etc by cycling is the best choice. It is a wonderful experience for your time in Hoian In conclusion, there are many other things for Holiday in Hoian to discover. Once coming here you will wish to stay longer and longer to get more experience and discovery.

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