Top 4 Things At Duong Lam Ancient Village
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Top 4 Things At Duong Lam Ancient Village

Hanoi capital is famous for many famous tourist sites. Such as Ba Vi National ParkThien Son Suoi Nga… Each place has its own unique and unique features.

If you choose to travel on a Hanoi tour, often you will be introduced and guide to most of the famous places in the capital in which a quite interesting place will be mentioned in this article, which The ancient village in Duong Lam.

Entrance to Duong Lam

Have you ever heard the Duong Lam ancient village or not? Follow Origin Travel to find out about this tourist destination.

1. Lam Lam Ancient Village is a tourist destination.

Excerpt from the ancient village of Duong Lam, where is a famous tourist destination when traveling to Hanoi. Approximately 50km from the city center. This village awarded the title of National Cultural Cultural Monument in 2006.

Not only receive this honorable title. But the ancient village of Lam is also recognized as the most ancient village in Vietnam with many unique architectural features as well as culture, art, no other village have.

2. Are there any accommodation in Duong Lam Village?

Although it is “ancient” but according to many Things need to know before travel Hanoi. visitors do not have to worry about resting on the land. There are many types of accommodation in this area, from motels to hotels that are rated quality compared to the price. Some suggestions when coming to this place:

  • Gia Bao Hostel and Truong Tu Hostel are located opposite the entrance to the Ancient Village. At night you can relax in these places.
  • Homestay: will be more comfortable than the hostel. These homestays are located inside the old village, convenient for those who want to learn about the nightlife of the people here.

In addition, visitors can also go to the ancient houses, if traveling on tour from Ha Noi, have been arranged resting place without worry.

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3. What specialties should try when visiting Duong Lam Village?

Lam Lam ancient village tour, the most special from the wild, most idyllic. Simply put, the taste is unique, and there is no place to go. If you have been to this place, be sure to try some of the traditional, historic dishes from the Lam Village.

  • Candy: This is not the kind of candy or sweets commonly found in the city. Coming to the ancient village of Duong Lam, visitors will enjoy traditional candies such as sesame candy, peanut candy, candy … fatty flavor, unforgettable aroma.
  • Cake: a kind of cake wrapped outside with banana leaves or dong leaves, inside is rice flour with traditional meat (pork shoulder, wood ear …), well packaged, boiled. The taste of this cake is strong, hot.
  • Dessert tea: This is quite typical dish of the village, often cooked from green beans, sugar. When cooking, people will use the chopsticks until the material is smooth. Tea cold storage, eat with warm tea, both sweet and fragrant mild, very comfortable.
  • Homemade: The dish has long been a traditional dish of people in Lam Street. Secrets of the people here have created the delicious jar that is difficult to find anywhere.

DSC 0882

4. What is special in Duong Lam ancient village?

This village is ranked in the list of the top tourist sites in Hanoi, the Old Village brings in its historic beauty and ancient. There are some famous places that make poetry of the village that visitors can not ignore if you have visited here:

  • Mong Phu village with ancient village gate, built in arch style and ancient bees. This architecture was built around 1833, now has existed for more than 200 years, but ancient but durable.
  • Detective Church of Jiang civilization: this place is also in the relics should visit the village of Duong Lam. This church was built to worship Giang Van Minh – a talented man of the Tu Duc time.
  • Duong Lam ancient well: the villages are always associated with the image of the wells. The village is no exception. In the past, this ancient well has brought the village of cool water, so far the people here are remodeled with cement, quite solid and sturdy.

And there are many other interesting attractions in this ancient village such as the temples, mausoleums … With ancient architecture, though old but these relics give visitors a very special feeling. when you see it. Each place is associated with an eloquent courtesy of the Vietnamese people.

Posts About tourism at Duong Lam ancient village and hope will give visitors the knowledge and experience when traveling in this location. Please take note of the special features of the village of Lam road to not be surprised when you arrive here.

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