Photo Trips In Mu Cang Chai
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Photo Trips In Mu Cang Chai

You might come across the name of Mu Cang Chai every now and then. Know exactly what, when and How?

Situated in the northeastern region of Viet Nam. To go to Mu Cang Chai. You just follow the national road 32 from Ha Noi. You will be in stunning view of Mu Cang Chai after 290km driving.

Photo Trip Mu Cang Chai

The most highlights of this area are mainly terraced rice fields. Such as in Che Cu NhaLa Pan Tan, and De Xu Phinh villages. The spectacular fields attracted numerous tourists coming for a photo tournament of Vietnam. And receive submerged in the heavenly pure beauty.

When is the best time for photo trips in Mu Cang Chai?

The awesome pictures from a colorful terraced rice field in Mu Cang Chai can be created in the 3 most imposing times. They’re at the beginning, the center of the crop and harvest. Especially around the harvest with the amazing golden image. There is only one crop a year in Mu Cang Chai.

The Beginning of the harvest:

DSC 669454

In June, the North of Viet Nam welcomes the first summer when the hill tribe in Mu Cang Chai Destination begins preparing for a brand new crop of rice. The water supplement from the upper terrace of the field on the field at Mu Cang Chai is needed. This time witnesses the formation of the falling water season, when the water is running from the top to the bottom of the field.

The best pictures are also made to record the moments that the locals work on the field in groups with the beautiful hill tribe clothing, water buffalo, rice paddies, etc. The incredible photos can be drawn out exceptionally.

The Middle of the Crop:

DSC 669455

From June to the center of Sept, the entire giant terraced rice field at Mu Cang Chai is dominated by the superb and harmonious carpet of rice. At the warm sunshine of the summer, the green field helps you cool down.

Know that there aren’t many local activities on the ground to photograph in this season. Anyway, the absolute greenness here surely feasts your eyes.

Tours to Mu Cang Chai on Harvest Time:

 Terrace rice field in Mu Cang Chai

From late Sept to early October, Mu Cang Chai welcomes guests to photograph the waves of the terraced rice fields that now turn brilliant yellow. They’re glowing in the fullest charm. The scenes now are full of the Hmong ethnic minority farmers who wear the traditional attire to harvest the ripe rice grains and shoulder bags.

The images of mountains, hills, and bridges make up the imposing photos. Throughout the harvest season, the tourists can proudly see the ethnic minority mothers who hire fabric like a cradle to take their babies on the back while harvesting. In the same time, the children run every now and then in the terraced rice fields. They’re chatting and giggling with joy. The ambience in the rice harvest season is extremely distinguished. The green and yellow fields are eye catching enough to produce the most impressive pictures ever. Trust us! Mu Cang Chai terraced rice field is more beautiful than every other site like Hoang Su Phi, a mountainous area in Ha Giang. Or Sapa terrace rice field in Lao Cai.

DSC 669453

The terraced rice fields naturally rise and fall around the hillsides, mountainsides, streams, and rivers. It creates the enormous yellow staircases for everyone to go from the earth to heaven. In a word, the green and yellow terraced fields are now the symbols of the mountainous region. Mu Cang Chai is among the top destinations for any nature lovers who likes to photograph natural fundamentals and the life of the ethnic minority groups.

How Photo Trips In Mu Cang Chai?

Amazing Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai tour 3 days will be an amazing journey for you to discover the beauties of rice terrace fields with different picture which both nature and local people built as a spectacular scenery for this land. Don’t miss it once you visit Vietnam to discover its beauties all year round from March to November yearly.
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