Discover Travel Beauties Of Ninh Binh In 48 Hours


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Discover Travel Beauties Of Ninh Binh In 48 Hours

In addition to mountain goats, burnt rice or sprinkling with sauce, sprouting … are also specialties that cause nostalgia for travelers who visit the ancient capital.
Ninh Binh is nearly 100 km from the center of Hanoi. It’s take around 1.5-2 hours to move. Due to convenient transportation and many famous tourist areas. This is one of the ideal places for short tour in Vietnam. Visitors can reach the ancient capital by train (station stops in Ninh Binh city), or cars (ticket price 100,000 to 150,000 VND).

Day 1: Bai Dinh Pagoda – Hoa Lu

Tour Bai Dinh Pagoda Plus Trang An

You should leave Hanoi from 6am to Ninh Binh at 8am. When passing Phu Ly, visitors can stop for breakfast. Famous specialties of Ha Nam land are spring rolls, banana pancake. The price of each is about 30,000 VND.

The first suggested place for you is Bai Dinh pagoda – the largest temple in Ninh Binh. Here, you walk around or travel by electric care (30,000 VND/ Person/1 way). Many visitors often stop at the Guan Yin Buddha temple to celebrate a ceremony, offering incense. You can go to the bell tower to see the great rose weighing 36 tons.

Some of the most famous one that tourists often visit when visiting the pagoda (including 5 compartments, the nave where Buddha statue is 10m tall and weighing 100 tons), Tam The temple … There is a vegetarian restaurant in the temple. It’s a great place for vegetarian food lover.

After lunch break, you stop at Hoa Lu ancient capital. It’s about 6 km from Bai Dinh pagoda. This is one of the four core areas of Trang An World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. Here, you visit the temple of Dinh (Dinh Tien Hoang) and King Le (Le Dai Hanh) and listen to the guide introduction. It’s will be wonderful to know more about Vietnamese history.

In the evening, guests can stay overnight at Bai Dinh Hotel (room rates from 700,000 VND a night), or 5-star The Reed Hotel (room price of nearly 2,000,000 VND).

Day 2: Trang An eco-tourism area

Discover Travel Beauties Of Ninh Binh In 48 Hours, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Discover Trang An scenic complex. This place is known as the majestic mountains with small winding rivers, pristine valleys… Because this tourist site is the hottest sightseeing in Ninh Binh. So the best way to enjoy trip here is early in the morning. That you van avoid the crowded tourist time.

Here, you can choose one of 3 boat tours to visit the caves.

  1. The first route will take visitors through 9 caves, Trinh temple – Tran temple – Khong temple.
  2. Route 2 goes through 4 caves and Cao Son holy temple – Vu Lam palace – Tran spring temple .
  3. Route 3 includes 3 caves, Trinh temple – Tran spring stream – Vu Lam palace. The time to visit each tour from 2 to 3 hours.

After discover the beauty of Trang An ecotourism area then have lunch. After lunch drive back to Hanoi. Your 2 days tour in Ninh Binh will be finish in Hanoi around 16:30.

Note: South be return Hanoi before rush hours.

With these suggestion above hope you have a great time in Ninh Binh. But don’t forget to read all things need to know before travel to Ninh Binh from If you have any ideas let share with us at

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