Can Travel Combined Ha Giang And Ba Be Lake


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Can Travel Combined Ha Giang And Ba Be Lake

Ha Giang where the convergence of 16 ethnic minorities are generously given favorable conditions for many beautiful scenery. Especially, the Dong Van Rock Plateau is a mighty natural wonder, bearing many cultural and natural heritages. Such as the Lung Cu Peak as the “proud land of the Fatherland” marking the pole.

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North of the country, the town of the ancient paintings exist for hundreds of years. It’s lovely, poetry romantic, cool weather can compare with Da Lat and Sa Pa. But the different here are limestone mountains. Especially the Nho Que River with Ma Pi Leng pass. It is one of the most beautiful pass in Vietnam. But with Ba Be Lake sparkling, poetic, where the beauty is only in legend and fairy and tropical primary forest is the roof of hundreds. animals are preserved.

It is not difficult to travel from Ha Giang to Ba Be Lake. Nowadays, roads and transportation are more convenient, allowing people to easily travel to mountainous provinces, especially Ba Be Lake and Ha Giang. Below is information on how to travel from Ba Be to Ha Giang in the most convenient way.

Travel by local bus

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  1. From Hanoi – Ba Be lake
  2. From Ba Be Lake – Ha Giang

There will not be any bus runs straight from Ba Be Lake to Ha Giang so the best way to go is to return to Thai Nguyen bus station, from Thai Nguyen bus station you can easily catch the bus to Ha Giang city.

– 6h00 bus company Thuy Nga welcome you at Bo Lu village, Ba Be Lake run the Ba Be – Thai Nguyen route

– 10h30 you will be present at Thai Nguyen bus station. There are 2 bus trips to Ha Giang with departure at 11h00 from Thai Nguyen Bus Station by Ha Giang Ca

Transport Joint Stock Company. Bus number: 23B-00086 | Tel: 01278 367 33301278 367 333| Itinerary: Dai Tu, Son Duong, Tuyen Quang

Transportation: Thai Nguyen Transportation Corporation. No: 20B – 00417 | Tel: 0984 071 6550984 071 655 | Itinerary: QL3, Beam junction, QL37, Da Tu, T.Quang

Travel by private car or motorbike. There are 2 routes to get there

  1. From Ba Be lake you follow the road TL254 in Cho Don (Bang Lung) – Cho Chu – Son Duong – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang .
  2. From Ba Be Lake, you follow Cho Ra – Ha Tinh – Bao Lac – Meo Vac – Dong Van – Yen Minh Ha Giang, running along this road may be more convenient. Because most people targeted Ha Giang tourism is Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu. Top 7 Things To Do in Ha Giang It is also convenient to go straight to Hanoi or to Bac Ha for Bac Ha Sunday market. Wish you have a great tours in Ha Giang & Ba Be Lake.

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In conclusion,

Combining a visit to Ha Giang and Ba Be Lake through Origin Travel’s Vietnam trekking tours offers an extraordinary adventure into the heart of Vietnam’s remote villages. This unique experience allows travelers to witness the untouched beauty of nature, immerse themselves in local cultures, and forge lasting connections with the communities they encounter along the way.

Trekking through Ha Giang unveils breathtaking landscapes of majestic mountains, terraced rice fields, and hidden valleys. The region’s remote villages provide a glimpse into the lives of ethnic minority groups, where ancient traditions and ways of life have been preserved for centuries. As you hike along scenic trails, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with locals, learn about their customs, and gain a profound appreciation for their resilience and hospitality.

Continuing the journey to Ba Be Lake, you’ll discover a hidden gem nestled within the lush greenery of the national park. The serene beauty of the lake and its surrounding karst mountains create a tranquil atmosphere, offering a chance to unwind and connect with nature. Exploring the remote villages around Ba Be Lake provides insight into the traditional agricultural practices and the harmonious coexistence between people and the environment.

As we conclude this incredible adventure, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism. By choosing Origin Travel’s Vietnam trekking tours to remote villages, we actively support the local communities and contribute to their economic development. It is our responsibility to ensure that our presence has a positive impact on both the environment and the livelihoods of the people we encounter.

Therefore, let us answer the call to action by embracing sustainable travel practices and respecting the cultural and natural heritage of Ha Giang and Ba Be Lake. Choose responsible tour operator Origin Travel, who prioritize local engagement, environmental conservation, and the well-being of the communities they work with.

Take a leap into the world of remote villages, majestic landscapes, and cultural immersion. Experience the transformative power of travel and forge connections that transcend borders. By doing so, we can help preserve the authentic charm of these regions, support local economies, and create a more sustainable future for all. Together, let us embark on this journey of exploration, understanding, and responsible travel.

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