Bac Son – Lang Son
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Bac Son – Lang Son

If you have ever been to Lang Son and have not yet arrived in Bac Son Valley. It is a great omission. Come here, you will have the opportunity to admire the wild beauty of wild mountains, the vast rice fields with a fresh air, great comfort. If you are interested in this beautiful land, please follow Origin Travel share article below for full experience travel to Bac Son. Almost detailed and useful information for you.

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2. How is Bac Son unique?

This place is the origin of Bac Son culture – a civilization of ancient Vietnamese people in the Neolithic period; At the same time, it was the place where the Bac Son uprising against Japan and France by Viet Minh forces took place in the 1940s.

Thanks to the available conditions and potential, Bac Son possesses interesting tourist attractions in nature, caves, historical culture, suitable for developing community tourism, learning about historical culture, Customs and practices of local people including Kinh, Nung, Dao, Tay…

A special thing is that the fields in Bac Son are not all planted at the same time, this has created a huge picture of many unique colors, some yellow, some green or even glistening with water.. . very pleasing to the eye.

Bac Son

3. When is the best time to travel Bac Son?

Bac Son and Lang Son are valleys with a cool climate all year round and quite convenient transportation infrastructure, making travel easy. Visitors can visit this place any time of the year.

  • However, July to October is the most beautiful time because there is little rain and is also the time when flowers bloom and show off their fragrance. People can go to Bac Son to have an outdoor picnic or freely take beautiful photos.
  • Moreover, Bac Son rice fields around July-October are the most beautiful time of the year. The yellow color of just-ripe rice is the dominant color, but alternates with the green color waiting to be harvested or the red-brown color of the fields that have just been harvested early.
  • If you want to learn about local culture, you can go to Bac Son at the beginning of Spring (lunar calendar) to participate in the Long Tong festival of Quynh Son people. Usually the festival takes place around January 12-13.

4. How to get to Bac Son?

Bac Son is about 150 km from Hanoi, so visitors have many means of transportation to get here such as motorbikes, cars or buses.

4.1. Traveling by motorbike or private car:

For tourists who want to drive their own motorbikes or cars, the distance from Hanoi to Bac Son will take about 3 hours. Tourists follow Highway 3 towards Thai Nguyen. When arriving at the intersection of Highways L3, 37, 1B, visitors continue to move in direction 1B. Just go straight for another 80 km and you will reach the valley. There are also many beautiful scenes along the way, visitors can stop to take beautiful photos of nature.

4.2. Traveling by bus:

Bac Son center is about 85 km from Lang Son city. If you do not have personal transportation, you can choose public transportation to get to Lang Son. There are 2 ways this can be done

  • From Hanoi, take the bus to Lang Son (to the northern bus station of Lang Son) and from here continue to catch the bus to Bac Son.
  • Take direct bus routes from Hanoi – Bac Son. These bus routes are available at Giap Bat, Yen Nghia, My Dinh, and Gia Lam bus stations.

4.3. Traveling by plane

For tourists in the central or southern provinces of Vietnam, choosing to travel by plane is a suitable choice, because this way you will optimize the time for your trip to the Bac Son – Lang Son.

5. Top sightseeing & things to do in Bac Son

5.1. Bac Son flower valley

Bac Son flower valley is located in Lan Khoang village, Tran Yen commune, a tourist destination in Bac Son that cannot be missed. Hundreds of colorful flowers compete to bloom in the flower fields running at the foot of the majestic mountains.

Vast fields of buckwheat flowers appear in many northern highlands, but buckwheat flowers in Bac Son are different with their unique pure white color. Stepping into the blooming flower fields, visitors will feel like they are standing in the middle of floating clouds, in the distance are mountains looming under the warm golden rays of sunlight, soothing the chilly air. characteristic of highlands. The scenery here is as romantic and charming as a painting.

In Bac Son, buckwheat flowers bloom from October to November, so if you have the opportunity to come to Bac Son during this time, you definitely must not miss the opportunity to see the blooming flower fields.

5.2. Na Lay Mountain

Na Lay mountain peak is about 600m above sea level, an ideal place to see the beautiful panorama of Bac Son valley from above. Overcoming 1,200 steep stone steps, but when you reach the top of Na Lay, all hardships and fatigue will completely disappear, replaced by heightened emotions because of the majestic natural landscape appearing before your eyes. There is also a rest stop here so you can rest while hunting for photos.

5.3. Quynh Son cultural tourism village

Quynh Son Commune Cultural and Tourism Village belongs to Quynh Son commune (Bac Son district). The entire village of more than 400 stilt houses of the Tay ethnic group is located in the Bac Son valley. The whole village looks like a colorful picture with mountains, vast fields, and the clear blue Quynh Son stream winding. Coming here, visitors see the blend of human life with the beauty of nature.

5.4. Mau Son tourist area

Located 30 km northeast of Lang Son city center, Mau Son peak is surrounded by a complex of 80 large and small mountains with the highest peak being Phia Po (1,541 m) – where milestone 42 is located. , Vietnam-China border. With very fresh and airy air, the mountain top is covered with clouds all year round, very suitable for vacation trips. When winter comes, there are years when the temperature in Mau Son drops to negative temperatures and there can be snow and frost. Moreover, when traveling to Mau Son, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy famous specialties here such as snow mountain tea, six-spur pheasant, wild lemon, rose frog, Mau Son wine…

5.5. Bac Son Uprising Museum

Bac Son Uprising Museum is a place to systematically store, preserve and display documents and artifacts about the Bac Son uprising. At the same time, the museum also simulates the residence of prehistoric people and displays archaeological relics excavated in Bac Son. The museum was built to simulate a traditional stilt house of the Tay people and does not charge admission fees, a tourist destination in Bac Son rich in historical and cultural significance.

5.6. Dang Mo Waterfall

Located in Binh Gia district, only about 20 km from Bac Son town. Dang Mo waterfall has poetic beauty, nestled in the middle of wild and mysterious mountains and forests. Along the waterfall are large and small rocks stacked on top of each other with many unique shapes, covered with green moss. Ancient trees from the shore extend their branches into the middle of the waterfall, providing shade all year round, making the scene here more mysterious.

5.7. Tam Canh Pass

Tam Canh Pass belongs to the Bac Son Uprising relic area, located in Lan Luong village, Long Dong commune, Bac Son district. The pass is located on National Highway 1B, bordering Bac Son and Binh Gia districts. Here on September 23, 1945, at the Co Choi mountainside area, Bac Son army and people set up an ambush to destroy many Japanese soldiers when they marched into Bac Son. Coming here, visitors step into a historical area, listen to the sounds of the mountains and forests and feel the resounding magnanimity.

5.8. Mo Nhai Fort

Mo Nhai Fort is located on a high hill, with a strategic military position blocking the main road leading to three main directions: Binh Gia, Vu Lang, Bang Mac. For the Bac Son uprising, the station also occupied an important position, here in September 1940, 600 Bac Son guerrillas created a glorious victory at Mo Nhai station, creating an important milestone of the uprising. The battle was assessed as “a gunshot signaling the national uprising, the first step in the struggle by the Indochinese national forces” and contributed to strongly encouraging later revolutionary armed struggles. Today, when traveling to Lang Son, do not forget to visit this attraction in Bac Son to learn more about the nation’s history.

5.9. Mo Mam Stream

About 24 km from the center of Bac Son town, Mo Mam stream (Quang Trung I village, Chien Thang commune) is an ideal destination to rest, enjoy the green space and local products every weekend for tourists. family. In fact, the stream’s name is Keng Tao and Mo Mam is the name of the neighboring village, so it is often called by the people together. The most beautiful stream is in September, when the clear spring water flows from the cliff creating a lyrical scene. The highlight is the artificial fountain in the middle of the waterfall, the stream bed area is wide, the water is cool, There are deep places for guests to cool off.

5.10. Khuon Bong Cave

Located in Vu Le commune, Khuon Bong cave is about 10 km long, giving visitors an extremely interesting experience when exploring the pristine landscape with countless types of stalactites. Because few people know about this place, it is not surprising that it is very quiet, groups of friends and families can completely quietly enjoy relaxing moments together.

5.11. Pac Mo Lake

Coming to Pac Mo Lake, visitors will admire the charming landscape like a painting. The surface of Pac Mo Lake is calm and clear like a giant mirror reflecting the beauty of the mountains, forests and clouds. If you feel sweltering under the harsh rays of the sun, you can also take a relaxing dip in the cool water of Pac Mo Lake and enjoy the heavenly beauty of nature here.

6. Where to stay when traveling to Bac Son

When traveling to Bac Son, you can choose between two types of accommodation. One is to stay in a hotel or motel with quite full amenities and self-contained accommodations like hundreds of thousands of other motels. Second is to choose homestays in Bac Son. This service is quite popular in Quynh Son eco-tourism village. In addition to the homestay experience, you can also enjoy delicious food and learn about the cultural practices of local people.

  • Homestay Bac Son Duong Cong Co. Address: Tham Pat village, Bac Quynh commune, Bac Son, Lang Son.
  • Bac Son Homestay – Stilt House Tourism. Address: Tham Pat Village, Commune, Quynh Son, Bac Son, Lang Son.
  • Homestay Duong Cong Chich. Address: Na Rieng 2, Quynh Son, Quynh Son, Bac Son, Lang Son.

If you want to stay in comfortable accommodations that are convenient for traveling and using other services, you can stay at hotels in Lang Son city. Below are some hotels that you can refer to:

  • SOJO Hotel Lang Son. Address: Phai Ve street, Mai Pha commune, City. Lang Son, Lang Son province.
  • Tra Linh Hotel. Address: Dong Tan, Huu Lung, Huu Lung, Lang Son, Vietnam.
  • Phu Quy Hotel. Address: 200 Phai Ve, Dong Kinh Ward, Dong Kinh Ward, Lang Son, Vietnam.

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7. Must-try specialties when visiting Bac Son

Besides exploring the beautiful natural scenery of Bac Son, visitors must definitely enjoy the delicious specialties of Lang.

7.1. Roasted pork

Unlike the way it is prepared anywhere else, Lang Son roast pig is usually roasted whole. Roasted pigs with vivid yellow skin; When eaten, the meat is both sweet and crispy, not greasy. And has a unique aroma that anyone who tastes it once will remember forever. The delicious taste of roast pig comes from the family secret of each person who makes it. So even though they have the same name, each roast pig has its own unique flavor.

7.2. Roasted duck

Lang Son roast duck is a famous specialty throughout the country, marinated with familiar ingredients of indigenous people. Such as pepper, honey, and onions, so it has a very special flavor. After roasting in the charcoal oven for about 15 minutes. The chefs will put the duck in a frying pan and let it cool before you can enjoy it. Duck meat is soft and sweet, soaked in honey color, so it is extremely fragrant and delicious.

7.3. Khau Nhuc

Khau Nhuc, also known as lying stitch in the local language. It’s a traditional dish of the people of Lang Son region. When traveling to Bac Son, visitors should enjoy this dish with a little delicious wine. It will definitely beat the cold in Lang when it is winter.

7.4. Sour pho

Lang Son Sour Pho is a dish that is very elaborately prepared and has an irresistible delicious taste. Sour pho is a delicious drinking dish, you should only eat it in small portions to fully enjoy the flavor of this dish.

7.5. Huu Lung grilled spring rolls

Huu Lung grilled spring rolls is also a delicious dish to try when visiting Bac Son. The dish is made from shoulder-cut pork, not too fatty and not too lean. This part of pork must be fresh, cut into small strips, shave the pork skin and boil, then mix with taro powder and wrap in fresh banana leaves. Finally, people grill the meat on a charcoal grill until the leaves are scorched. When eaten with fig leaves or polyscias fruticosa, it will create an irresistible delicious flavor.

8. The necessary items should prepare before travel to Bac Son

To go to Bac Son convenient, perfect you need to prepare some necessary items when traveling Bac Son such as:

  • Clothes: Depending on the current weather you wear clothes. Even if you travel Bac Son in the summer, you should still carry a light jacket. Because the night in Bac Son sometimes cold at night time. But if you travel on winter. You must bring warm jacket ket.
  • Footwear: Wear specialized climbing shoes or sports shoes that hold legs to facilitate movement.
  • Hat to avoid sun.
  • Anti mosquitoes, insects.
  • Fast food to eat on the road if hungry.
  • If you travel Bac Son in the form of traveling by motorcycle. It is recommended to carry the basic motorcycle repair tools such as repair tools, car patch, mini car pump …
  • Also, if you want to camp overnight in Bac Son. You should bring: Tents, canvas, food, blankets, flashlights, lighters …

Thus, the above article of Origin Vietnam has shared with everyone all the information about Bac Son tourism. Hopefully after this article, everyone will have more experience in their trip to explore the beautiful land of Bac Son.

Please contact us immediately – a professional tour organizer and operator, with a team of experienced, dedicated tour consultants and guides with a deep understanding of this land. We will take you on an exciting journey to discover Bac Son – Lang Son with unforgettable experiences.

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