10 Things To Try When Traveling In Sapa In September


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10 Things To Try When Traveling In Sapa In September

There are many interesting experiences that only visitors to Sapa can receive, including 10 things to try when traveling in Sapa in September. How Sapa Vietnam on September? Follow Origin Vietnam Travel to find out.

1. Conquer the peak Fansipan

IMG 83732624

Conquering Fansipan peak is the desire of many tourists to Sapa. With modern Fansipan cable car, visitors will be elevated to over 3000m with only 15 minutes on the cable car. In September, visitors to conquer Fansipan peak admire the beautiful clouds only appear during this time.

2. Enjoy the wonderful terraces rice field turn yellow

IMG 241221

September is the best looking terraced rice field in Sapa. The gorgeous terraced fields are covered with golden plates. The spectacular scene that has created the photo exhibition extremely unique. This is also the most beautiful time in Sapa during the year.

3. Watch sunrise and sunset on top of O Quy Ho

DSC 5668

O Quy Ho Pass is one of the four great mountain pass in the North of Vietnam. It is the longest and most beautiful pass in Vietnam. Among the famous places on the way to Lai Chau O Quy Ho Pass is the tourist destination Sapa two days to the most, followed by Silver Falls and Love Falls.

The feeling of sunrise and sunset on the most beautiful pass in Vietnam in the autumn of September is really too attractive to tourists.

4. Go to Silver waterfalls

IMG 0309

Thac Bac is one of the three tourist attractions on the way to Lai Chau, behind the O Quy Ho Pass and Thac Tinh Yeu. When you are not near the waterfall. You can hear the rumbling waterfall echoing echo.

Standing at the foot of the falls, visitors will see one of the majestic scenery of the mountains and forests of the Northwest. In that place, people become small in the midst of majestic nature.

5. Hiking to Ham Rong mountain peak for stunning view of Sapa town

IMG 10406983

Ham Rong mountain is the tourist destination near Sapa town. From the top of the mountain, tourists can see the panorama of beautiful Sapa town. Also Cat Cat village, Muong Hoa valley … in sight.

On the way to Ham Rong Mountain. There are many beautiful flowers bloom in September, creating a colorful flower road to tourists to Ham Rong.

6. Sightseeing tour in Lao Chai village – Ta Van

IMG 08913

September weather is very suitable for visitors to walk the terraces of golden terraces in Lao Chai – Ta Van. The feeling of walking among the rice fields is very interesting, bringing peace, serenity, forget the bother in life.

According to Sapa travel experience, tourists have come to Lao Chai – Ta Van village to learn more about the culture and daily life of Mong people, Red Dao live here.

7. Sleep at homestay

IMG 215154

Come to Sapa in September, visitors should not miss the Homestay experience with nature in the villages of the ethnic. When staying at the house of the ethnic people. You will chance to learn more about culture in their meal, enjoy the Northwest specialties by the ethnic processing …

When you get up, visitors will be able to breathe the mountain breeze, behold the majestic North West space… It will be an unforgettable experience on your Northwest trip.

8. Enjoy Northwest specialties

IMG 0953523

If you have to travel to Sapa Vietnam, visitors should enjoy the specialties of the Northwest. Northwest specialties are sell at many restaurants in the town. But the best is North West specialties at the Bac Ha market. Guests can also enjoy homestay meals at the ethnic minority.

9. Catch the clouds at Heaven’s Gate in September

IMG 0028

The sky gate is one of the most beautiful places of cloud and virtual life in Sapa . Here, visitors will admire the beauty of North West majestic through the golden terraces, the winding road on O Quy Ho Pass or flowing water as iridescent silk of Silver Falls…

Go to Heaven Gate, tourists will also find the answer to the question “Sapa tourism the most beautiful”. The answer is September, when Sapa in autumn, rice harvest.

10. Take a walk around the town of Sapa

DSC 0072

Walking around the town of Sapa, tourists will see many beautiful sights such as Ham Rong, Sapa ancient stone church or visit, shopping at the central market of Sapa town.

Your Sapa tours will be more wonderful when you experience 10 things, so try to travel through Sapa in September. Wish you more fun and get real experience when visiting the beautiful town of Sapa in September. You may interest: Things need to know before travel to Sapa Vietnam here. Don’t hesitate if you have any question about Sapa Vietnam to sales@originvietnam.com

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