Ta Hien Street - The Street Never Sleep In The Heart Of Hanoi
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Ta Hien Street – The Street Never Sleep In The Heart Of Hanoi

If in Saigon, Bui Vien quarter bustling night; In Hue, Pham Ngu Lao street noisy in the capital is no less with Ta Hien – no sleep in the heart of Hanoi. Is the street as interesting as Bui Vien and Pham Ngu Lao streets? Follow this article to find out why your Hanoi tour must go to this street.

Unique features of the street Ta Hien

happy customer at Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien currently is an ancient city of Hanoi. With a length of about 266m, this street with harmonious architecture has become a “jewel” in the heart of Hanoi, bearing special values of ancient architecture and tradition.

Therefore, this ancient street has attracted many foreign visitors to find. Western tourists so much that they also put the name Ta Hien called Western Hanoi. At night, this place is more crowded, bustling. Probably the name “Tạ Hiện no sleep” also from that.

Ta Hien when quiet, as quiet as the capital of the day before. But sometimes loud, bustling, fun, vibrant as the painting of the modern city. Perhaps the presence of Western tourists here has created a different color for this ancient town.

The combination of gentle but harmonious between the West and Ta culture here makes Ta Tuan not only included in the list of the most beautiful tourist sites in Hanoi but also the most tourist destinations. Visitors to Hanoi, especially from foreign countries.

Special Cuisine of “Street Do not Sleep”

Cuisine at Ta Hien Hanoi

It is famous for its diverse culinary backgrounds. Here there are both snacks – the favorite dishes of young people have both the color and color of Hanoi. As late as this, the street is more busy and crowded, the restaurant also from there opened more. To Ta Hien, please record the dishes to try if you go to Hanoi tour.

  • BBQ birds mixed honey: This is a dish that many young people love when visiting this street, just fragrant delicious and cheap. Visitors only need about 35000 VND to have bought 4 crispy honey crisps, sniff nose.
  • Ta Hien Noodle Soup with Beef: Perhaps bun bo is a very familiar dish with the Vietnamese. The beef noodle soup in this sleepy street is special. Still beef is sweet but here beef is non-garlic, strong flavor, noodles are mixed with other ingredients such as price, melon, pineapple slices … Ta Hien Street noodles in the corner of this street, there are two pot of smoke, smell from the meat bone that no one can refuse to stop to try. Sweet, soft, mixed with meat, an anise, spices … was the highlight for the vermicelli here.
  • The snacks: Lemon tea, French fries, cheese but not the traditional dishes of the Vietnamese but the popularity of it is no less. The fat, sweet smell of these dishes combined with lemon tea, cool chilled tea will give visitors a warm evening with friends.
  • Chicken legs: The chicken legs with enough processing from steamed, steamed, fried, grilled or sweet sour taste bring different flavors, attract tourists near the travel on the street. Tạ Hiện .

In other words, the street without sleep in the heart of Hanoi is a unique and diverse food street tour with enough food, not afraid to find the favorite when coming to this special street of Hanoi capital Cabinet.

Where is Ta Hien located in Hanoi?

Ta Hien street in the evening

According to travel experience in Hanoi, to get to this street, after visitors to Hanoi, find the exact address of the street. Ta Hien street has been extended to about 280m, in Hang Buom ward, Hoan Kiem district. From Hoan Kiem Lake, tourists go about 250m to the south is Ta Hien .

In addition, visitors can also reach this street by bus with many routes such as:

  • Line 31: stop at Hang Can street
  • Line 04, 14, 18, 31, 34, 36, 40 and stop at Tran Nhat Duat station
  • The lines 04, 08, 11, 14, 18, 23, 31, 34, 36, 40 with stops Nguyen Huu Huan

Just a street but Ta Ta beer has concentrated on the essence of the culture of the capital and become a very special tourist destination. Especially, young travelers who come to this Sleepless Street will have a lot of unforgettable experiences for their journey to Vietnam.

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