Interesting Activities In Ha Long


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Interesting Activities In Ha Long

Vietnam Ha Long Bay is a paradise for every visitors like each of its rock formations is distinctive to itself. There are many tour operators in Vietnam constantly offer tourists lots of options of where to stop and every stop is a guaranteed memorable one. After years experience we would like to suggest some interesting activities in Ha Long Bay.

Overnight cruise

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It is a really a paradise for active visitors. Sleeping on board Although many new resorts are being built on the bigger islands, seasoned visitors urge beginners to spend a night on board a ship. This way, you’ll be capable to admire the bay closer upward and in quite a unique way.

The boats in question vary from diesel powered junks and cruise as well as higher standard cruisers. The junks are less costly in comparison to cruises. But bear in mind that they’re usually modest and do rock a whole lot. Pick the cruise which suits your style and spending budget, then try it for a minumum of one night. But if you have more time travel in Vietnam so Halong bay cruise overnight is highly recommended.

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay

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Kayaking in Halong Bay is the ideal way to explore the stunning beauty of Halong Bay. Paddle through the islets, visit hidden caveslagoonspristine beaches and floating fishing villages. Kayaks go where other big boats can’t. Depend on your cruise trip duration, visitors have a different kayak route and a time frames. Book any cruise Ha Long Bay with Origin Vietnam. You will get free kayak. So you will have chance to paddle around the islands, get closer to the limestone karst and revel in the breathtaking character in a visited the corner of Ha Long Bay has to be an excellent experience for life.

Swimming and Sunbathing

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Ha Long Bay has thousands of limestone islands and grottos. There are countless places to stop for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and biking when cruising around. On the famous Cat Ba Island you will find a couple well known beaches to unwind on, a number with easily remembered names such as Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3.

The magnificent scenery of mountain cliffs rising out from the bay makes the ideal backdrop to water based activities. Trekking, Cycling is a Fantastic option on Cat Ba Island. There are tons of rare animals to see, such as green and hawksbill turtles and gold headed langur monkeys. Visitors can pick from various trek paths, either way it is an outstanding experience. One other good way to enjoy a visit to Cat Ba National Park is to cycle around the local villages.

Biking & trekking to Viet Hai Village

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Viet Hai Village Viet Hai Village is situated in a distant corner of Cat Ba National Park. Many individuals still reside in simple houses made from bamboo, wood, leaves and soil. It is an opportunity to experience the true roots of Cat Ba civilization that have carried on for centuries.

Water park in Cat Ba island

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Water Park Cat Ba Island Resort and Spa offers a grand swimming pool with water slides and waterfalls. It is a the only resort in Vietnam which has an aquatic park as such and is a brilliant place for families.

Halong Bay Private Tour 2 Days

Halong Bay is a wonder which should not miss once visiting Vietnam. How to visit and discover the majestic seascapes in the bay is the question from many tourist? Let think of a private cruise tour in Halong Bay to discover it as your flexible time and trip pacing.
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