Get A Halong Bay Private Tour To Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Halong Bay
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Get A Halong Bay Private Tour To Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Halong Bay

Halong Bay has been recognized twice by UNESCO as the World Natural Heritage. This makes it an ideal destination for a Halong Bay Private tour to enjoy the naturally impressive beauty of nature.

Being 170km East from Hanoi, Halong Bay is now a popular destination. Many visitors come and enjoy the marvelous natural beauty of this place. Which is a World Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO? Visitors can book a Halong Bay Private tour, Hanoi tours to Halong Bay or another Halong bay tours for staying, sightseeing, enjoying foods and other activities on board in Halong Bay.

The natural beauty of Ha Long Bay


Halong Bay is famous for a natural beauty with a total area of over 1550km2. This includes islands which are average 250 to 280 million geological years old. Among nearly 2000 islands of various sizes, many of them have names such as Hon Rong (Dragon Islet), Hon Trong Mai (Cock and Hen Islet), Hon Canh Buom (Sail Islet), and so on. The beauty of Halong Bay is not only from the arrangement of mountains, islands. It also comes from the various system of caves and grottoes as Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto), Sung Sot (Surprise Grotto), Trinh Nu (Virgin Grotto). These monuments bring the joyfulness to visitors who experience a Halong bay private tour or Hanoi tours to Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is in a tropical ocean region. That makes it feature many ecosystems such as the ecosystem of coral reefs with an estimated 230 coral species. It is also the home of gastropods (81 species), Bivalvia (130 species), crab (57 species) and Polychaeta (55 species). There are hundreds of species living in the ecosystem of salt-water-flooded forests (200 species of migrating birds, 169 species of Polychaeta, 91 species of seaweed, 10 species of reptile). There is also the ecosystem of tropical rain forests (deer, weasels, squirrels and other rare and specious creatures)

The historical values of Ha Long Bay


Besides the natural forms of islands and caves, Halong Bay also has a geological value. This place has a thousand years history of advancing of the sea, raising the bay area. The strong erosion of sea water has been engraving deeply the stone and creating the fantastic form of nature. Halong Bay beauty is resulted from a hundred of years of geological evolution process and influenced by many factors.

Halong Bay is also linked to the history of Vietnam by many famous places. You can name Van Don (an ancient commercial port), Bai Tho mountain (Poem mountain with poems engraved on the stone by emperors and famous poets in the old days), Bach Dang river with two victories to defeat the Chinese invaders. Halong Bay is also considered as one of the cradles of human existence.

How to travel to Halong Bay?


There are several ways to get to Halong Bay. If visitors are on their Halong Bay private tour from Hanoi, they will be pickup at one port in Hanoi Old Quarter to Halong Bay. It takes 3.5 hours ahead of Tuan Chau Wharf.

Another choice is to take a minibus from Gia Lam – Hanoi to Bai Chay – Halong. The bus ticket is 120,000 Dong and bought at the ticket counter. It takes four to five hours to get Halong Bay as the bus often stops on the way to pick up more passengers. To catch the last ferry to Cat Ba of the day at 3 PM, visitors have to depart Hanoi not later than 10 AM.

A minibus ticket from My Dinh Bus Station – Hanoi to Bai Chay – Halong is 100,000 Dong. The bus from My Dinh to Bai Chay is also more comfortable and faster than a bus from Gia Lam.

An addition price list for travel from Bai Chay to Halong City as below:

  • A motorbike taxi from Bai Chay to tourist wharf costs 20,000 Dong
  • A motorbike taxi from Bai Chay to Tuan Chau Wharf cost 40,000 Dong
  • A taxi should cost more or even double.

One more affordable choice is taking a train from Yen Vien (Gia Lam – Hanoi ) from 4.30AM and arriving at Quang Ninh at 11 AM. The stop at Halong City is 5km away from the harbor.

Halong Bay private tour – Organized tours from Hanoi


There are many tours, package tours organized from Hanoi to Halong Bay. One of the most favorite overnight cruise on Halong Bay is Halong Bay private tour.

Halong Bay private tours are often organized basically for visitors to get the best trip to Halong Bay without wasting too much time. The tours also include traveling and accommodation and services in Halong Bay. One of the most advantages of a private tour Hanoi to Halong is that there is the available planned itinerary for each trip. So tourists can pick the most comfortable one for their trips. One thing that visitors have to be careful of is to choose the trustworthy tourist agencies for booking tours.

You can contact Origin Travel for more information and support regarding traveling to Halong Bay, booking Halong Bay private tour and tours to Halong Bay.

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Halong Bay is a wonder which should not miss once visiting Vietnam. How to visit and discover the majestic seascapes in the bay is the question from many tourist? Let think of a private cruise tour in Halong Bay to discover it as your flexible time and trip pacing.
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