What Makes Lang Co The Best Tourist Sites In Danang?


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What Makes Lang Co The Best Tourist Sites In Danang?

Danang is one of the most well-loved destinations in Vietnam. It is home to so many natural beauties. Today, Origin Travel would like to introduce to Lang Co, the best tourist site in Danang and one of the most beautiful bay in the world.

Danang is famous for its nature. And Lang Co is attractive because of its natural beauty. In addition, Lang Co is on the list of 30 beautiful bays in the world. This place along with Hai Van – Non Nuoc makes for the best tours in Vietnam.

What do you know about Lang Co Bay?

Morning at Lang Co Beach

Among Vietnam vacation spots, Lang Co Bay is a natural wonder. It is a town in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien-Hue Province. The Bay is located about 60 km south of Hue, at the foot of the Hai Van pass. Lang Co Bay is always a must-visit place for a Da Nang tour.

Lang Co Beach is along the Highway 1A, and far from 24 km from Bach Ma National Park. This place has a long white sand. Its length is about 10 kilometers. And the sea water is clean and clear. The place is suitable for tourist activities, whether staying in a resort. Or participate in sport such as diving. Because it has a favorable terrain with the large waves and the beautiful sightseeing. Lang Co Beach is also an ideal place for food lovers. This place has coral reefs, lobsters, and a variety of seafood.

Located next to Lang Co beach is Hai Van Mountain – Hai Van Quan, a famous landscape of Vietnam. In this area, there is also Son Tra Island. There are lots of wild animals and plants preserved here. Behind the Lang Co beach is Lap An Lake and Bach Ma Mountain. All these factors give Lang Co Bay a great potential to become the best tourist sites in Danang.

What to do when traveling to Lang Co Bay?

Lang Co Beach resort

The overview of Lang Co Bay

If you travel to Da Nang, you should go to Hai Van Quan. This place is famous for the curved shape among the majestic mountains. When you are on top of Hai Van Quan, you can see the overview of Lang Co Bay. The whole view of Lang Co Bay is in the crescent moon shape. You also see the Bach Ma Mountain, another one of the best tourist sites in Danang. If you are lucky, you will also see trains going across. And the view would be very romantic with a vintage feel.

Discovering the Bach Ma Mountain

Bach Ma is a high mountain in the Bach Ma National Park. It is between Thua-Thien Hue and Danang province. The land has the most pleasant climate in Vietnam. The temperature is always cool, temperate ranges from 10 to 22 degrees. It is still cool when summer comes. Mount Bach Ma has a huge ecosystem. This place includes about 500 species of plants such as grasshoppers, acacia, etc. The rare animals also choose Bach Ma to inhabit such as black pheasant. Bach Ma is suitable for adventurers who want to challenge themselves.

Culinary experience

If you want to enjoy delicious seafood when Holiday in Da Nang, Lang Co Bay is the place to go. Lap An lagoon is located in the middle of the sea and mountains. This is a special location because it is between the interference of both saltwater and brackish water. This place has an abundance of seafood such as shrimp, fish, blood cockle, oysters. You can try to catch the live seafood by fishing at Lap An lagoon. And the famous dishes you can try are crab noodle soup, grilled oysters, crab noodle soup.

How to go to Lang Co Bay?

Lang Co Bay

From Da Nang, the easiest way to get to Lang Co is via a taxi. You can also choose a private car service. The taxi driver will always go through the tunnel, but you can ask to take the Hai Van Pass. This would take longer and cost a little more, about 150,000 VND. But it will be a more interesting ride with more chances for sightseeing.

Another choice is to take the bus. The bus from Da Nang to Lang Co has a cost of 15,000 VND. These buses generally wait until they are full before they depart.

From other regions, you have to fly to Da Nang. Then go to Lang Co from the Da Nang International Airport. Most taxis from the airport are metered and will cost about 450,000 VND. From the airport, Hai Van Pass route will take about 50 minutes. While the tunnel route will take approximately 35 minutes.

Hope this summer you will have an unforgettable experience in Lang Co. If you would like to find more news about the best tourist sites in Danang, don’t hesitate to contact Origin Travel!

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