Top 10 Ecotourism Area In Vietnam
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Top 10 Ecotourism Area In Vietnam

Ecotourism is a form of tourism that contributes significantly to the development of the ” industry without smoke” in Vietnam. The good news is that in recent years, people have become more aware of protecting nature and more in love with nature. So they often go to nature-related tours . This is the opportunity for ecological tourism in Vietnam to recover and develop. Among the best ecotourism destinations in Vietnam, the following 10 ecotourism destinations are highly recommended by tourists:

Eco-tourism area – Cat Tien National Park (Dong Nai)

Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien is the name of a land located in the meandering section of Dong Nai River. It’s in the area of three provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc and Lam Dong. This is a primeval forest representing the tropical lowland forest ecosystem. Cat Tien National Park is also an ideal stop for those who like to explore nature. Particularly, visitors will have the opportunity to admire one of the six UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam.

Cat Tien National Park, 150 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. There are many ancient trees. Such as lobster, red wood; more than 400 kinds of medicinal plants, more than 100 species of orchids … There are hundreds of species of birds, rare species of birds. Such as red feather, green hornbills, elephant rhinoceros, elephants … Those who love the forest ecological tourism, can find the Cat Tien National Park to experience and explore.

At present, in order to promote ecotourism to Cat Tien National Park, various agencies, organizations have set up some projects on ecotourism. Such as Ong Keo ecotourism resort, ecotourism Son Tien, Ba Hao junction. With these projects, visitors will come to Cat Tien National Park more and more.

Tuan Chau – Ha Long Ecotourism Resort (Quang Ninh)

The park in Tuan Chau

It about 14km from the Bai Chay Tourist Port in the southwest, Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province. Tuan Chau Island is located in the natural heritage of Ha Long Bay. The resort is located in the gentle hills on the island. Come to Tuan Chau. You will enjoy the cool wind from the sea and bath in one of the most beautiful beach in Vietnam. The coastline is nearly 6km long with the famous Tra Co white sand. Tuan Chau beach is located in Tuan Chau island tourism area, artificial beach with sand mattress 2km long.

There are amusement parks, sports and many other tourist activities. Coming to Tuan Chau, tourists can swim, go sightseeing, participate in outdoor activities in the pine forest tourism or see dolphin performance, lion sea, visit the water music park. Tuan Chau is now the most modern tourist – service center in Ha Long City.

Ham Rong Mountain Resort (Sa Pa – Lao Cai)

The view Sapa town from Ham Rong mountain

Referring to the beauty in Sapa. You can not fail to mention Sapa especially Ham Rong area. Ham Rong Mountain is 1800m above sea level. This is a mountain with dragon head (imagination), close to the center of Sapa town. It’s one of the most attractive eco-tourism in Vietnam. When reaching the top of Ham Rong Mountain, the whole view of Sapa will be captured in the eyes.

Come here you will feel as if they are in the “paradise”. Because of the natural beauty of Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin hidden in the smoke. Ham Rong Mountain is a wonderful sight of Sapa, Lao Cai. From the center of Sapa town, visitors can walk here, just watching the legendary Ham Rong legend.

Ham Rong eco-tourism area consists of three main areas: Ham Rong flower garden, “stone garden” and Shilin Ham Rong. Before climbing Ham Rong, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Ham Rong flower garden. The flower garden is based on the natural terrain of the mountain.

Travel to Ham Rong mountain, visitors will have to go through hundreds of stone steps and every one of such paragraphs there is no other scene, beautiful with all the colors. The flowers here are seasonal, with the corresponding flowers. So, although visitors come here many times. But surely the emotions will be different. In addition, visitors may be more surprised when visiting the Shilin Rock Garden or cross a trip longer than a kilometer to reach the Ham Rong.

Thoi Son Ecotourism Area (Tien Giang)

The fishing activity in Thoi Son Ecotourism area, Tien Giang

To the West, tourists will certainly be heard about Thoi Son ( Thoi Son island) ecological tourism. Thoi Son Island is located in Tien Giang, opposite My Tho City. It’s an attractive tourist destination for those who love the West River. Thoi Son island emerged as a small island between the poetic Tien River. At this point, visitors are completely free from the noise, dust of the city. Visitors will live in the peaceful countryside setting, walk along the streets of the neighborhood, go to the fruit garden to enjoy fresh fruit, even on the hammocks sleeps in the South.

The moonlight is cool wind, anything by listening to an old song. The art of singing the South amateur is a type of art entertainment in the Southern. Visitors do not need to find tapes, discs or movies, right in front of the visitors will have the “garden artist” performances with sweet voice rephrased the fruit of the West River. Thoi Son is suitable for tourists who love the West River, find a quiet place for vacation and relaxation. This is also the ideal destination for those who love the ecological tourism garden.

Trang An ecological tourism area (Ninh Binh)

Bai Dinh pagoda

Trang An Ecotourism is located in the eastern part of Ninh Binh Province. It consists of two main sections: Trang An Eco-tourism Area and Bai Dinh Pagoda Spiritual Cultural Zone. Especially (Hoa Lu ancient quarter), central area, cave area, tourist service area, spiritual worship mountain Bai Dinh Pagoda. Trang An Ecological Tourist Site has many caves in limestone mountains, valleys and underground river systems that create a grandiose, fanciful space.

This is one of the items included in the project to preserve and promote the historical value of the ancient ruins of Hoa Lu. Trang An Ecological Tourist Area also covers a primeval forest with rich ecological system, including rare species of animals such as phoenix, flute, python, python…

Tourists to Trang An will not be surprised by the beauty of nature here. The river connecting the fanciful, the temple, covered with sediment containing old nostalgic vestige. It has made the “soul” of the land where the sacred is more sacred. Caves, valleys, Rocky Mountains here have been uniquely tented with names. Such as Big Seo, Si cave, Ao Trai cave, Sung cave, Wine cave, Linh cave, Ba Giot cave, Morning cave, Dark cave, Thung Lang, Thung May, Thung Tran, Khong valley, King mountain, Lord mountain, Ong Trang mountain …

At the foot of Bai Dinh mountain, Bai Dinh ancient and Bai Danh new also make for tourists near and far Here comes the unexpected. Because of the unique architecture seems to have no place to be. The space in the cave complex of Trang An is so quiet that one can hear the sound of the duck flapping its wings.

Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area (Dong Thap)

Gao Giong Eco-tourism in Dong Thap

Gao Giong Ecotourism was established and welcomes visitors in July 2003. This area is known as “lung” of Dong Thap Muoi. The park is blessed with airy space, fresh air, rich flora and fauna. Visitors to visit Gao Giong eco-tourism will feel like returning to a peaceful countryside, calm but full of vitality. Gao Giong Ecotourism is also considered by many visitors as a “miniature Dong Thap Muoi”. All here are kept simple, rustic and natural as it is. From the scene, the people to the dishes of Southwest.

Visitors to the southwestern region can not ignore Gao Giong ecological. There is a large bird sanctuary with hundreds of species living and sheltering. There are including precious and rare species in the Red Book such as fire heron, dalmatian … In addition, with typical western water features This system of canals creates the conditions for the species to multiply. Such as snakehead fish, perch, fish, snakehead, eel, snake, turtle, python, hamster etc.

Gao Giong eco-tourism, visitors will feel comfortable and “cool eyes” with the vast blue of the typical species of wetland. Like cajuput, goby, crazy, reed, rice, etc. Gao Giong Eco-tourism is an ideal destination for those who love ecotourism in the South West.

Can Gio Eco-tourism Area (Ho Chi Minh City)

The monkeys in Can Gio Eco-tourism area, Ho Chi Minh

It is the only marine district in Ho Chi Minh City, with half of it being mangroves. Can Gio Eco-tourism is considered as the “green lung” of the city for climate regulation and protection. At the same time, this place has great potential for eco-tourism. The mangrove fauna of Can Gio is considered by scientists to be of high biodiversity conservation value, with over 200 species of animals, including 11 reptiles listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Aquatic species includes 125 species of algae, 55 species of zooplankton, 55 species of benthic, 18 species of shrimp, 69 species of fish. There are 24 terrestrial amphibians, 10 mammal species and 22 species of birds (especially water birds and migratory birds). The flora is also abundant and diversified, prices, Avicennia, lime …

In addition, to the rich forest resources and flora and fauna of the mangroves, Can Gio Ecological Tourism was also recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2000. It also has historical and cultural resources. Traditional craft villages are long and varied. Go to Can Gio Ecological Tourist Area. You can visit the famous tourist destinations. Such as Monkey Island, Vam Sat Mangrove Forest Resort, Dam Doi, Tram Chim or tourist area 30/4 …. With a favorable location near the center of Ho Chi Minh City

Can Gio eco-tourism area attracts many tourists to visit and relax on the weekend. Currently, the sea tourism in Can Gio – Vung Tau – Mui Ne is an ideal route for all visitors, bringing socio-economic and environmental benefits to Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Eco-tourism area – Ba Be National Park (Bac Can)

Ba Be lake

Ba Be National Park is located 250km north of Hanoi, in Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. Ba Be lake ecotourism is about 70 kilometers from Bac Can town. Where there are many unique natural attractions. Ba Be Lake with a length of about 8km, about 20-30m deep. Especially the lake seems always blue, smooth. Two small islands rise in the middle of the lake. The lake is located between Ba Be National Park.

This is the ideal ecotourism in the North that any visitors who come once here must be “fascinated” by the natural scenery of clouds. Speaking about Ba Be National Park. This is a precious natural heritage, a unique limestone karst forest system. It has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam. .

With an area of ​​over 23,000 hectares, Ba Be National Park has many rare species of animals and plants. Such as phoenix, pheasant, humpback nose and so on. If you visit Ba Be National Park, you can go from Ba Be Lake to Dau Dang Waterfall. Where the Nang River is blocked by small, stacked rocks. Dau Dang waterfall with a slope of about 500m, is the greatest waterfall in this area, about 2km long. Certainly, observing this waterfall in the primeval forest landscape will make visitors feel very impressed.

In addition to Dau Dang waterfall, Ba Be ecotourism area also has many other attractive tourist attractions such as Tien pond (3 ha wide on the top of the mountain)

Ba Na – Suoi Mo Ecotourism Area (Da Nang)

Toc Tien waterfall from above

In Da Nang, the central region, the famous ecotourism of Vietnam has many, including the eco-tourism Ba Na – Suoi Mo. This resort is more than 30km from Da Nang city center, and 1500m above sea level. Standing on the top of Ba Na, visitors can zoom out to tens of kilometers. Ba Na has many green forests with rich ecosystems and animals. Coming to Ba Na – Suoi Mo tourist resort. You have chance to enjoy the cool climate all year round, the ideal resort location, great resort.

Ba Na – Suoi Mo eco-tourism area has been recognized by the government as a natural reserve. To reach the top of Ba Na, visitors will cross 15km winding road. There are two ways to go, from Vọng Nguyet hill, visitors can take the cable car to the center or visitors to the walk.

At the foot of Ba Na, the stream of streams together Toc Tien Waterfall 9 beautiful high floor is also the attractive stop for visitors. With the current ecological tourism development, Ba Na – Suoi Mo ecotourism has changed and embellished to serve the increasing demand of tourists. Many ancient French villas, Buddhist cultural sites, restaurants, hotels … have been built to serve guests. Zone Ba Na Hill – Suoi Mo deserves as one of the destinations to visit in Vietnam.

Binh Chau Ecotourism Area (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)

Boil the egg in Binh Chau mineral springs

Binh Chau Ecotourism Resort is located in Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, 150km from Ho Chi Minh City. This ecotourism area attracts visitors thanks to the wonders of Binh Chau mineral springs. Zone tourist Binh Chau wider than 7000 hectares, is the primeval forest, in the middle of a heated emerged with more than 70 points exposed water spray form heated pools with different temperature.

Taking advantage of this hot mineral water. Binh Chau has built foot bath, massage … for visitors come here with the need for relaxation or hot mineral water for physical therapy. Binh Chau Hot Spring is one of the most attractive ecotourism sites of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

In Binh Chau eco-tourism area. With the largest lake has an area of about 100m2, with a depth of more than 1m. This lake is the hottest spot for mineral springs. Observe the surface of the visitors will easily see the amount of steam rising, the water boiling. According to experts, the temperature at the bottom of the tank is about 84oC, on the surface at about 64 degrees. Where about 40 degrees, is very suitable for soaking feet to circulate blood vessels to heal.

At this point, visitors will be able to bathe in hot mineral areas, try to boil eggs in the sky wells or mineral mud bath … In addition to the closed works in sports entertainment for weekend visitors golf course, volleyball, swimming pool and moon garden with 1000 seats … Especially, around the area of ​​hot water with green melaleuca forests with tight roots to create strange shapes, adding to the excitement for visitors when visiting. Therefore, Binh Chau eco-tourism has been voted as one of the most sustainable ecological zones in the world.

Not only foreign tourists, but also Vietnamese tourists often visit these ecotourism sites to visit or relax. In the future, as human life becomes more modern and more dependent on technology, the type of ecotourism is increasingly developing to help people balance life.

And Origin Vietnam is confident that in addition to 10 famous ecotourism sites, there are many other eco-tourism sites awaiting your discovery.
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