Not Only Hoi An, Quang Nam Has Many Beautiful Things To Visit
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Not Only Hoi An, Quang Nam Has Many Beautiful Things To Visit

Referring to Quang Nam, visitors just think only Hoi An ancient town, to the small beautiful town that has “smooth” many travelers love. But Quang Nam is not only Hoi An, Quang Nam is a pristine paradise, with sea, forests, streams and waterfalls that not many people know.
As far back as now, referring to Quang Nam tourism, the first name to remember is Hoi An. And that is a big loss to… all of us. Quang Nam tourism is a series of special surprise. That Hoi An is only a small part of it. There is the wildness, the beauty of nature, the sincerity, the simplicity of the people in the Central country sunny and wind, and the cultural experience you need to really drop yourself rhythm with it.

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Early flight to Da Nang, we bring a thorough schedule to truly experience Quang Nam in the fullest. But it turns out, thoroughly still is not enough. Along the way, I can not remember the number of times I was silent before the paintings are drawing before. The beauty of the sun and wind, the fields stretched out before the eyes, the slope lies in the midst of sunny noon, the blue sea a little color to the eye or the mountains, the hills.

There are so many things to say about Quang Nam. There are so many beautiful pictures that have gone through my eyes and made me indescribably unable to describe, or can I use a picture to say it all. If you are looking for a new place to explore, to discover, to see the beauty still lurking. Surely, Quang Nam is a perfect suggestion for the last days of this summer.

Vinh Hung Riverside Resort And Spa

Apart from Hoi An, which has been developed in tourism, with a variety of resorts and hotels, guesthouses and homestays, most of the tourist spots in Quang Nam still do not have many options for resort services or caves. level. However, there are many options for hotels, from 4 stars (from 600 – 2 million per night), and budget hotels for 200 – 400k / night.

Beautiful beauty beaches and styles

Possessing 125km of coastline, Quang Nam has beautiful beaches and remains unspoiled. Forget about Cua Dai or An Bang, Cu Lao Cham in Hoi An – which is already well known. We are talking about names such as Ha My beach, Tam Thanh beach… all are beaches are not well known.

Ha My Beach

IMG 149682453

We depart our holidays from Da Nang, so choose Ha My beach is the first stop. Just 6km from Ngu Hanh Son beach, Ha My beach possesses a long white sand beach and turquoise sea, clear and no less than My Khe or An Bang in Hoi An. The difference of Ha My beach is not crowded tourists if compare with others. So, you will love the time to hear the waves whispering in the sun, love the feeling of the desert with immense beauty is spreading before the eyes in this place.

Tam Thanh Beach

IMG 41547316

Tam Thanh Beach is located 7 km east of Tam Ky City. You can get to Tam Ky by flying to Chu Lai Airport (30 km from Tam Ky) or by car / motorbike from Da Nang city (70 km from Tam Ky).

Enjoying waterfalls, stream

Unlike many other tourist sites, only the sea is “special”. But Quang Nam has precious blue pearls, waterfalls, beautiful streams and lakes nestled deep in forests or small districts.

I have always dreamed of the places where the clear green water of the lake surrounded by the forest in the summer. But I did not have enough “courage” to visit Suoi Tien, the famous Silver Waterfall and crowded tourist every weekend. But it turns out, in Quang Nam, there are also places where I still … just dared to see through Pinterest.

Grang waterall

grang waterfall

You go from Ben Giang (Ho Chi Minh Road), along Highway 14D to the direction of Dak O – Dac Ta Ooc border gate to the Thanh River Nature Reserve. At this point, you turn right and follow the guide to reach the Waterfall.

The most famous in Quang Nam is perhaps the places. Such as Giang Thom, Grang waterfall or Khe Lim, Phu Ninh Lake. Waterfall or Khe Lim are all water from the source downstream. It’s not only in green but also extremely clean. I was fascinated when I saw hundreds of small fish swimming in the clear water. The special thing here is, when you take a dip in the stream, these fish will immediately… remove the dead cells, feeling like massage… service. Well, and do not forget, on the way to visit the Waterfall, go to the jackfruit sale, selling pineapple planted along the road to enjoy the golden fruit rattles, freshly bathed in the sunlight brilliant site.

Khe Lim

khe lim fall

The center of this district is 23km and 45km southwest of Danang. You can choose to take a taxi here, or take a motorbike taxi from city of Danang. If you want to enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.

Khe Lim Falls is a unique experience, with rocks stacked on top of each other, and a clear stream flowing from Mount Am Thong. But that is not the only thing that makes this special destination. Do you know why it is called Khe Lim? There are many valuable timber trees around the area. So people take it as the name of the waterfall.

What struck me was the scenery around Khe Lim Falls. On the banks of streams are still wild, immense green, all form a complex of waterfalls – mountains – forests – streams extremely majestic, deep and promising full of experience worthy. Remember for those who love to travel close to nature.

You can take a bath in the stream, sit on the rock or watch the scenery, or simply camp in the forest – All are wonderful and bring a very peaceful and different feeling.

Do not forget about culture with specialized traditional village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Visit Quang Nam, one of the things you have to do is to spend time learning more about the culture of Quang. As the place where the Champa culture exists. It is the place where contact with Western culture, Japan, China… almost the first with the appearance of Hoi An. All these make up your very own colors from this surprise, to the other exciting discoveries.

I love the peace of Hoi An tour and feel a bit lacking in saying these things. But if you visit the Old Quarter, you can relax in the calm of the old houses, paper flowers in the sun or the smell of incense in the afternoon, when visiting the temple. My Son, you will remain silent before the sacred and fanciful of this famous sanctuary, with traces of a brilliant culture still exists as a demonstration of the vitality of the powerful history.

Quang Nam is also famous for its famous traditional villages, from well-known villages. Such as Tra Que Vegetable Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, to villages in lesser locations. More than just a visit to these villages, you will have enough to bring you precious experiences, special knowledge not only of the village. But also of the villages history, culture and people. Not only are the new villages an exciting destination.

Quang Nam, with all the advantages that can make you feel “restless” want to visit immediately. Such as the pristine, magnificent land of a land not printed footprints of tourists. Accompanied with its very own cultural colors and delectable Central Asian cuisine.

Surely, in the coming time. This will be one of the hottest Vietnam travel specials destinations with lot of visitors. Especially adventure lovers.

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