Hanoi Beauties In 12 Flower Seasons
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Hanoi Beauties In 12 Flower Seasons

Hanoi with the different beauties of 12 flower seasons will give you the amazing feeling for each time you visit the city. Hanoi city is the most peaceful place in North Vietnam. It is the beauty which embraces all 36 streets famous for Hanoi city. In the mind of Hanoian, the city is very beautiful for different flowers with 12 seasons of 12 months. It is the most wonderful of the city that makes everyone always remember. Hanoi with 12 flower seasons each month is the most impressive for those who grew up in this city.

Hanoi with the different beauties of 12 flower seasons

January – Peach flower in Spring

Peach flower Hanoi

The spring is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. The most beautiful season and month in January and February is Peach blossom flower (Hoa Đào). It is the beginning of the year with the most beautiful flower in the pink color. It covers the large area in North Vietnam which you can see everywhere, not only in Hanoi. And each area in North Vietnam the color of Peach blossom flower is different.

Ban Flower in February

Ban Flower Hanoi

When turning the Spring, Hanoi makes a different beauty with the new scene of Hoa Ban in February. This month is the charging time for the light purple Ban Flower. Thanh Nien and Hoang Dieu streets are full of the purple color of Hoa Ban (Bauhinia flower) Visitors to Hanoi at that time can easily see many kinds of beautiful flowers in full bloom, check this site. It is a great chance to enjoy a peaceful and fresh atmosphere when walking along the Hanoi streets full of flowers. Early February, many youths gather on Thanh Nien Road to watch and take the photo together.

March is the month of Hoa Su

Su flower Hanoi

Hoa Su, also known as Dalbergia Bouruana Gagu flowers, have become an integral part of Hanoians. At this time of March, the city is adorned with white blossoms, even though drizzles continue with no signs of stopping. Dalbergia Bouruana Gagu flower has become an indispensable part of Hanoians whenever Spring comes.

April – Lily Flower in Hanoi is the beautiful white color and gentle fragrance of lilies

April - Lily Flower in Hanoi is the beautiful white color and gentle fragrance of lilies

Tourists visit Hanoi in April cannot resist the beautiful white color and gentle fragrance of lilies. It is carried on the back-seat of street-vendors to every corner of the capital which is easy to see and enjoy.

May – Phoenix flowers

Phoenix flower Hanoi

Phoenix flowers dot the city with the first rays of the by its the red blooms. Phoenix flower is the name of the students’ flower all over the country. This is the signal for a school year ends and all the students will have a summer holiday. For those who graduate high school for university, it is the most memorial time for keep in life and it reminds Phoenix flower of pupil time.

Summer in Hanoi (May to July) – Lotus flower

Lotus flower Hanoi

Every year, from May to July, the ponds near the West Lake are covered with the pink of lotus blossoms. It has become a favorite rendezvous of young people in Hanoi and the endless inspiration for artists to create art. During this time of the year, the fragrance of lotus flowers follows vendors to every corner of the streets in Hanoi city. Additional, its alluring perfume seems to mingle into the air and reminds Hanoians of the past. It is hard to find another flower with a fragrance that is more attracting than that of lotus. Especially, Hanoi also has many precious lotus varieties, especially those from the West Lake area. It is more charming when you see vendors with flower bike along Hanoi streets and takes beautiful photos. Some parts of lotus flowers are used as medicine or to scent tea. And Lotus heart makes it a tonic drink for a healthy physical and mental life. Visiting the West Lake area in summer, visitors have a chance to not only enjoy the pure beauty of lotus flowers but also to buy lotus-scented tea, a famous specialty of Hanoi. Lotus flower is the symbol of culture, spirit and elegant personality of the Vietnamese.

July – Sấu Flower

Sau flower Hanoi

When the leaves turn yellow on trees not want to fall, the flowers crocodile had rushed on, in the early summer rainfall. Sấu Flower carries a very strange aroma on its own. And its fruit is one of the special of Hanoi city which many tourists like for gift when visiting Hanoi city for family and friends.

August – Xoan Flower

Xoan Flower Hanoi

Xoan flower is a symbol of Vietnamese countryside. And it recalls the childhood of people with traditional games. The purple color of flowers gently rubbed the heart bracelets. Watching the flower from the far distance, they are like clouds floating, which give an amazing beauty when the whole tree cover light pink white colors without any leaf. It is a fanciful scene.

Milk flower in September and October

Milk flower Hanoi

Milk flower is the traditional symbol of Hanoi’s autumn. Therefore, there are many songs and that mention its charming scent. Walking along Hanoi’s streets, you can feel in the beautifully sweet scent of Hoa Sua, or Milk Flowers. If travel along streets of Phan Dinh Phung and Hoang Hoa Tham and the National University’s campus visitors can enjoy beautiful cloaks of white when the season of milk flowers returns. The scent “milk flower” has been the symbol of autumn in Hanoi for generations. Blossoming when fall arrives, it delights everyone who loves the city. Milk flower trees line the streets, perfuming the night air and creating an area of romance for young couples out on a date. Hanoians say that when the milk flowers are in bloom, it’s the best time to visit Hanoi capital city.

October – Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower Hanoi

Daisy is considered as the autumn flower. While traveling to Hong River dam, it will give you the most impressive scenery of daisy fields. For young people and flower lovers, it is a month for harmony to the flower fields, shoot beautiful photos

November – Heather or Thạch Thảo

Thach Thao flower Hanoi

When the autumn ends, the other flowers begin blooming. Therefore, many people fell in love with autumn flowers. Heather flower has three primary colors: purple, pink and white. Heather has the origin from Italy. In Europe, the heather flower symbolizes love and beauty soft, delicate, feminine. It sometimes also symbolizes the mature. Why it has this symbol because it usually blooms in late autumn when most other flowers were brutal.

December – Cải Vàng Flower

Cai Vang Flower Hanoi

The winter in Hanoi in December is also the seasonal flowers of “Cải Vàng” Flower. Since late November, Cải Vàng Flower blooms brightly in the garden corner, swaying in the wind on fields which make a gold silk. It will be an amazing scene for you to discover the countryside and enjoy this winter flower in Hanoi. Travel to Hanoi any month of the year and combined Ninh Binh tours, visitors will feel the beauty of the city.

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