Experience As A Fisherman In Bai Tu Long Bay


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Experience As A Fisherman In Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province is a tourists destination in Vietnam. It’s famous for both, domestic tourist and international tourist. Where visitors also see the beauty of a heritage of art and stone.

Fishing village in Bai Tu Long Bay

How become a real fisherman in Ha Long is special?

Here visitors not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh air but also take a tour Halong special one day on Halong boats, as fishermen and kayak, visit ferry points of interest between the sea. Passenger boat travel from the port to the beach early to run to Bai Tu Long Bay. On the journey to the fishing village, the boat passes many pretty rocks with many shapes on the surface of the water sparkling fanciful. Local people named the islands according to their shape, such as Hon Am, Hon Mun, Hon Oun…

Join the tour of Ha Long “One day as a fishermen” with Dragon Legend Cruise. Visitors will have chance to discover the daily life of fishermen on the sea. When guides are introduced to the program on a fishing day visitors not only explore the natural beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay but also live with the fishermen, participate in activities happening in the fishing village. Boat trips, kayaking and kayaking around the cave and live in the raft houses in Bai Tu Long Bay ….

After nearly 4 hours on the cruise. Visitor will be arrive Vung Vieng fishing village. It’s located about 24 km from main land. Vung Vieng fishing village located in quiet, peaceful location with charming scenery. More than 160 people living in the fishing village still retain traditional features of fishing communities in Halong Bay. That the reason why this village become more and more popular floating villages in Ha Long for visitor.

Before enjoy the fishing trip, equipped with life jackets and taken down by boat. The boat was take to a location where fishermen thought there might be more fish and visitors will row, fishing as real fishermen. First, the fishermen guide visitors to throw the net. This work looks simple, but we need to be careful to avoid the net break. After throwing the net, the fishermen run for a boat. The next thing that visitors have to do is tap into catching the attention of the fish into the net.

Nearing noon, the time when everyone in the group felt tired and hungry, the fishermen signaled fishing net harvest. This is the most interesting stage for everyone. The net weighs over white fish in the sea. After that the local people will let you know how to do it by their traditional way. Everyone will be very happy to pull a fresh batch of fish. Next step that the funny time to get fishes out the net. The local people here so warm and friendly who will help to cook for you.

Fisherman boat in Bai Tu Long Bay

Lunch includes dishes made from fresh fish that are quickly displayed on the table. These are rustic, not sophisticated dishes by the fishing village women Vung Vieng processing in the vast space between the sea, giving visitor feel describe.

Back to cruise Bai Tu Long Bay, Visitors have a common mood that is the joy mixed with regret. A day to be a real fisherman has brought visitors experience both strange and interesting. Thereby helping them understand more about the life of fishermen.

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