Enchanting Beauty Of Moc Chau In Early Frost
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Enchanting Beauty Of Moc Chau In Early Frost

Moc Chau has long been famous for the white cabbage flower field, the tea plantation or forest gush of white plum flowers. But there is another beauty in Moc Chau which less people knowit. It is the enchanting Moc Chau in the early morning dew.

Moc Chau

If you have the opportunity to wake up at dawn on a sunny day in Moc Chau with much fog, you will admire a miraculous beauty of this plateau. When the sun as medium heat island looming, it’s time you see clearly the thin mist like smoke covers a hilly area. Rays of a new day make fog gradually dissolve slowly creating beautiful scenery. Forming cloud mist gently hang around on the roof, hills. The hills are covered by a layer of dew in the morning light became ever more fanciful. Beauty that makes visitors feel they lost in the dream realm. It seems that the prosperous town remains as sleepy in thin cloud blanket.

The vast steppe, the tea hills immersed in a peaceful quiet space of the early morning. Due to the unique topography of the plateau should regularly appear fog lasted from autumn until the end of spring. If you are lucky to admire this scene, you will not be surprised from the broth before extraordinary natural beauty of the highlands.

When the sun rises, the heat melt all the frost layer to brighten the whole town in the sunshine of a new day.

If you have the opportunity, you can combine the trip out to Hanoi to visit this beautiful plateau. Moc Chau district in Son La province, located about 180 km from Hanoi, on Highway 6, Son La to Dien Bien.

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Tea farm in Moc Chau

The best time to go to Moc Chau is on Lunar New Year time on February. This is the time when the peach blossoms, plum blossoms bloomed throughout the lines, roads. This makes the plateau as well as the poetic and romantic scenery.

In the spring, Moc Chau are flooded in the colors white, pink and peach blossom flower wealth. You can stop at any flower garden to encounter on the road. Pa Co village is located 15 km from Highway, this is a very beautiful valley with the beautiful Plum Garden. Long Luong village is on the road to Moc Chau farm 20 km national highways are blooming peach plum blossom flower. Ba Phach cabbage garden is one of the most beautiful one in Moc Chau Farm area. The way to Long Sap border gate, runs through more than 30 km, passing through many villages, the plum gardens, peach gardens and the forest of thousand baht wipe. On Sunday morning, Hang Kia village market – 20 km away from Moc Chau offers an attracting sites in the mountain which has sparkling colors of ethnic people H’Mong.

In addition, Dai Yem waterfall is located 5 km away the town. This is a beautiful waterfall with romantic landscapes which make Moc Chau trip more enjoyment than. Pine forest in Ang village is 3 km away from Moc Chau. There are many white cabbage flower fields. In addition, the road into Ngu Dong Ban On village walks through many white cabbage flower fields. On the way you remember to take pictures with roads have the letter “S” amazingly on the tea hill and beautiful heart shape in between the hills. It is 20km from the town to the cave which give more chance to discover the beauties in Moc Chau.

In fact, Moc Chau offers a cool destination in North Vietnam and each time has its own beauties. Let plan and discover its special when you have time as your own schedule and get the surprise for its beauties and don’t miss wake up early and enjoy its foggy beauties unforgetablly!

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Recommended schedule travel to Moc Chau?

  • We would like to suggest you spend 2 days and 1 night tour from Hanoi.

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Moc Chau, about 200 km away from Hanoi. It is a rather small town in the northwest mountainous area of Vietnam. This city is a very popular traveller destination. Specially in spring when peach blossoms in bloom. Moc Chau is famous for its beautiful flower fields, green tea plants, fresh milk, and the love market, of H’Mong ethnic minority.
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