Contemplating The Unique Beauty Of Ham Long Church


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Contemplating The Unique Beauty Of Ham Long Church

Come to Hanoi, you will not only fall in love in the ancient beauty on each street. But also can visit one of the oldest and biggest churches in Hanoi: Ham Long church. With exquisite architecture and unique cuisine around the church, this is a highlight pilgrimage tour in Hanoi.

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam deserves to be one of the best destinations to visit when travelling to Vietnam. This historical city is decorated with many ancient houses, and the beautiful landscapes. In particular, you will have the opportunity to see the unique architecture and charming beauty of the oldest church in Hanoi. The churches with hundreds of years old are the factor that makes the beauty of Hanoi. The oldest Ham Long church in Hanoi is where you have to visit. Especially if you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi on Christmas. You will feel the bustle and excitement of the local people, and watch the colorful streets shimmering in the night.

Enjoy the unique beauty of Ham Long Church

The beauty of Ham Long Church

Ha Noi still preserves many ancient features of the capital with houses, temples, ancient churches… In those architectural works, it is impossible not to mention Ham Long Church – one of the most beautiful churches in the city. Visitors coming to this place not only enjoy the beauty of architecture, art. But also enjoy the rich cuisine in the area around the church.

Introduction of Ham Long Church

Contemplating The Unique Beauty Of Ham Long Church, ORIGIN VIETNAM

This is a church of the Roman Catholic. It belongs to Archdiocese of Hanoi, Vietnam. The church is located at 21 Ham Long Street, Hoan Kiem District. Ham Long church was built in the end of 19th century. And was designed by a Vietnamese architect – Doctor Than. The church was completed in December 1934 with a height of 17 m.

The name of the church is a homage to St. Anthony of Padua. Who serves as the patron, where the religious activities of the Catholics of Hanoi parishioners and the main church of Ham Long parish.

Explore its unique beauty

Ham Long church at night

People consider Ham Long church as one of the most wonderful churches in Ha Noi. There are two fronts overlooking on Ngo Thi Nham Street and Ham Long Street. The church architecture features the bell tower. Which is located in the center, decorated simply and harmoniously. Especially, the church used a lot of building materials in folk such as straw, lime, bamboo, paper… This is to create the arches, causing echo during the ceremony without the needs of modern audio equipment. On the columns and altars are ropes like the Franciscan straps.

Along with the beautiful architecture and magnificent decoration, the church is always an interesting destination for young people, especially in the annual Christmas. A large amount of people eagerly flock to this place when the 24th December comes. You can welcome Christmas right outside the church gate with the romantic candles around your feet. The atmosphere will certainly become much warmer. And this will be a once in a lifetime experience during your holiday in Hanoi – Vietnam.

Try some foods around the church

Bun Cha Ham Long

After visiting the landscapes of the church, visitors can enjoy the unique street foods around the church with a lot of dishes. The first dish you should try is Bun Ngan – gooses soup. The traditional Vietnamese recipe makes the rich flavor of broth. Hanoi people then combine it with soft goose meat. The taste will make you can not forget this dish.

For visitors coming here in Christmas, the chicken egg cake is an interesting choice. The cake is shaped like a honeycomb. It has a sweet taste, and a very special fatty flavor. So, this food will be a great choice for the young people in Ha Thanh. This area also has many favorite dishes of young people such as potato, sweet potato, sweet corn fried, filter cake…

In addition, you can enjoy other foods like beef salad, spring rolls, Pho Hanoi…on the streets around the church. Not only enjoy the amazing beauty of the church but also have opportunity to try some special foods, all of that will complete your trip.

It can be said that, Ham Long church bring to us the beauty of old memory of Ha Noi capital. You will see another view of Hanoi land when coming here. The ancient streets, the old corners in Ha Noi and the unique architecture of Ham Long church. All will give you unforgettable memories in your Vietnam tour packages. To find out more useful information for you travel trip preparation, or more tip for tour Hanoi, contact Origin Travel.

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Photo source: Ham Long Church Page

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