Come To Ha Giang For Discovery The Colorful Beauty Of Dong Van Market
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Come To Ha Giang For Discovery The Colorful Beauty Of Dong Van Market

Dong Van fair is held once every week on Sunday morning. On fair day, the small, quiet old town becomes bustling as the festival with colorful colors of costumes of Dao, Mong, Tay, Nung, Giay, Lo Lo… Ethnic minorities.
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Dong Van fair is located in the complex of Dong Van old town, meeting once every week on Sunday morning. On the fair day, people of the Mong, Tay, Bo Y ethnic groups come to the market early, bringing the local products to exchange and trade with many unique features. Someone had to go from 3 am to cross the mountains to get down to the fair.

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The unique feature of Dong Van fair is the goods that people bring to the market. The mainly agricultural products and products made in their area. Those are vegetable baskets, wood sticks, a few bundles of bamboo shoots; someone led a pig; someone brought dogs and cats to sell…

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Normally, people come to Dong Van fair with the whole family. Mothers and wives go shopping to buy for their families and children needed. But the husbands go to the market to drink and drink and play the trumpet; children follow their parents to go to the market. Especially young men and women come to the market to meet and make love partners.

If you travel to Ha Giang on the 14th, 15th and 16th of the lunar month every month. There are also lively cultural activities with characteristics of the land and upland people. Such as bird fighting, weaving performances. Brocade tradition of ethnic groups in the region…

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Dong Van Market in Ha Giang is a true gem, where ethnic minority communities gather to showcase their rich cultural heritage. Experience the bustling energy of the market, filled with traditional crafts, delectable local cuisine, and the lively exchange of goods.

Choose Origin Travel as your trusted guide, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience in Ha Giang. Our cultural tours provide a deeper understanding of the region, its people, and their customs. Let us take you on a journey that will ignite your senses and open your eyes to the captivating beauty of Dong Van Market.

Book your Ha Giang cultural tour with Origin Travel today and embark on an adventure that will immerse you in the vibrant colors and traditions of this enchanting destination. Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable memories and support the local community. Join us in exploring the captivating beauty of Dong Van Market in Ha Giang.

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Ha Giang amazing trip 4 days will bring you pass through the awesome landscapes of Ha Giang and the wonder Dong Van Plateau beside colorful of Dong Van Market.
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