Colorful Ha Giang In Winter
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Colorful Ha Giang In Winter

The cold winds have returned, winter Ha Giang so visit a no appointment in advance. For a morning wake up, we suddenly see the picture of Northeast high mountains that have been adorned with more striking features. Where there is the wind breeze on the winding road around the foot of the mountain.
Somewhere is the pink triangle circuit covered the hillside, brilliant gold rush swinging both sides of the road across the village. Winter Ha Giang is so beautiful, so every winter to come. That the time so many people pack up to the upper, looking back to Ha Giang for holiday.

Winter in Ha Giang – SEASON OF FLOWERS

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Ha Giang as a new coat color dress, flowers of the race are blooming all over the hill in the winter time. On the arid patches of rocks and mountain that are often seen on high places, the triangular hills flourish in the spring. Triangular valleys of valleys, triangles covered the hillsides, washed all over the hillsides or in the footsteps of people go to the remote villages remember.

All blushed in the sunshine of the day, embroidered cotton sheets to ease the land of Ha Giang more color. So, when Ha Giang tours on a certain winter day, people went back to Lung Cam, Sung La District, Dong Van District, stopping at the foot of Ma Pi Leng Pass, then walking in the valley at foot Lung Cu flag pole, only to mix into the triangle mannequin, inhale the hills of heaven in the border region.

IMG 5353198040

Ha Giang also makes the traveler dull in color yellow flowers. Seemingly afraid of winter sunshine, the broccoli suddenly bloomed, warming up the vast space is re-cold. Because of cold in the highlands. The field of flowers that stretches from Quan Ba ​​to Dong Van. All alternating with the pink of the triangle in the Sieve, then again around the house in the town.

Winter in Ha Giang is very cold, so every winter, the life that was slow, peaceful in the Northeast high mountains. All that seems to slow down a beat. But perhaps only by joining in the highland, one can fully feel the full level of emotion.

In Ha Giang these days, it is not difficult to see the people gathering at the fire stumbling blocks, telling the stories of rustic days, and sipping some corn wine for the rosy cheeks.

IMG 11985472343

So, people on the plateau can not do without a try to feel sitting on the fire fire warm hands, enjoy a little armpits steaming armpits on charcoal stove or hot broth with porridge bowl The pipe is cooked with smoke. The smoke of the kitchen still lingering on the simple house in the valley, where the human situation is still full month by year, only one visit that we can not forget.

In Ha Giang these days, do not miss the typical morning markets. There are mothers calling each other mothers, there are colorful brocade color, with the eyes of the children in the nose, but the smile is clear and pristine. All are very simple, rustic, like the sound of thousands of wild so.

Some notes:

Winter is already here, the colors on the land of rocky riches have blessed welcome. So people rushed to pack small baggage. Travel to Ha Giang to experience strange things in the remote land area.

But hurry to do, go to Ha Giang winter do not forget to prepare yourself enough to prepare enough later:

  • Clothes: Remember to prepare thick clothes, warm towels, mask, ear muffs and gloves. It’s best to prepare waterproof jacket, waterproof and raincoat because Ha Giang is very cold now. However, choose the outfit that is comfortable, easy to move.
  • Shoes: You should choose dark shoes with soft soles, good grip. Because you have to walk quite a lot when exploring.
  • Medication: Should bring oil, wind, fever, allergy medication, anti-mosquito cream … to ensure health throughout the journey.
  • If you intend to visit the villages, it is advisable to have a good understanding of the local customs and habits. As there are a lot of taboos in the villages.
  • To Ha Giang, it is best not to give children money. But you can bring a little candy, books for children.
  • Remember not to step on the flowers. Do not litter anywhere in the place, keep the triangular flower trunk, the golden turquoise brilliant as primordial as the original.
  • Accommodation: To Ha Giang in winter, visitors can not miss the ideal stopovers. Such as: Auberge de Meovac – Meo Vac town, Dust Homestay – Dong Van, Dao Lodge. Nam Dam – Quan Ba, Ha Thanh Homestay – about 6km from Ha Giang. These are the extreme homestay in the rocky plateau. Where visitors can experience great relaxing moments in peaceful and refreshing spaces. Especially with the unique architecture, these homestay will certainly become the beautiful background for those shimmering pictures.

IMG 45858075771

Ha Giang winter makes people remember the velvet, look forward to. Do not flinch. bustling, not brilliant lights like the city. Where we like to be in a real space, light, peaceful but also contains the poetic color. So every winter when the cold wind blows on the rocky plateau, people rush to find that remote area. Just to mix themselves in the foggy smoke, to find the magical colors. Keep reading top attraction in Ha Giang from Origin Vietnam here. Hope you have a wonderful time in Ha Giang.

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