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Bao Thang – Lao Cai’s Vibrant Spring Festivals

Bao Thang is a valley in an ancient land located in the middle of Lao Cai province, Vietnam. This place also preserves archaeological cultural values, historical relics and scenic spots. Bao Thang ethnic people have many unique folk festivals that create unique, diverse and rich cultural features.

Along with localities across the country, in the early days of Spring, many festivals are held in Bao Thang district. It’s making an important contribution to protecting and promoting the value of historical and cultural heritage. Especially to improve the spiritual life of compatriots and local people.

1. “Hat Qua Lang” festival of Dao Tuyen ethnic people

IMG Hat Qua Lang Festival Bao Thang

The “Hat Qua Lang” festival comes from a long-standing traditional custom of the Dao Tuyen people in Ban Phiet, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province. Since ancient times, the Dao Tuyen ethnic group lived on high mountains. There was no market, so the people had the custom of Tet coming. The beginning of the Festival is a song and response between guests and the host.

The Spring festival “Hat Qua Lang” is like an invitation to villages around the region to come and compete in singing. To pray for good rain, peaceful winds, good harvests, and family peace and happiness. That’s why, from the festival, many people who were far away from each other and strangers became close, confidant friends.

During the “Hat Qua Lang” festival, close friends throughout the village. Meet each other to tell family stories, business stories and wish each other a happy new year and participate in sports activities such as playing volleyball, shuttlecock throwing, tug of war,… at the festival.

On the occasion of Spring, when the “Hat Qua Lang” festival of the Dao Tuyen people is held, it is also considered a common festival of the entire commune. The people who sing at the festival are old, young, male or female. “Singing through the village” has many songs and melodies such as: Happy new year, family blessings, love marriage…

The most special thing is the duet singing competition about spring and the couple’s love. Through the Festival, it has contributed to promoting and preserving the fine cultural traditions of the Dao Tuyen people, one of the ethnic minorities of the Northwest mountains in general and Ban Phiet commune in particular. With such special meaning, in recent years, “Hat Qua Lang” has received special attention from the locality to preserve and promote.

2. Long Tong Festival (farming ceremony) of the Nung ethnic people

IMG Long Tong Festival Bao Thang

This is one of the largest festivals in the Northern part of Vietnam. It takes place on the 8th day of the first lunar month every year. It’s a miniature image of cultural life, spiritual and material beauty. Especially the spiritual life of the Nung ethnic people here.

The festival went down to the fields, also known as the Long Tong festival of the Nung ethnic group. It is a festival with bold folk colors, consisting of 2 main parts (ceremony and festival).

  • The ceremony is the ritual to worship the gods. The ceremony tray is solemnly placed on the table in the middle of the flat land right on the edge of the field, where the festival stage is located. The rituals are performed by the elders in the village, with the hope that the gods will give the villagers a source of water to irrigate the fields, grant good rain and wind. So that the crops will be bountiful, and give people good health. to plow.
  • After the ceremony, the festival begins with unique and attractive musical performances by non-professional actors from villages in the commune. Beside unique folk games that attract all groups and people. Participating ages include: shuttlecock throwing, monkey bridge, tug of war,…

Is it worth a visit long tong festival?

The most special feature of the festival is the plowing competition of the people in the commune, competing to see who plows the best, fastest and strongest. Everyone standing on the shore cheered and cheered. The person standing there had to be quick and pay attention to the straight line of the line. The win will go to the team with the straightest line. If they win, the Nung people believe that that year, the rice of Nung village will be lush, pest-free, and the harvest will be abundant.

The Nung people’s field festival has been preserved and passed down for a long time. Currently, the festival is still a place for local authorities and tourists to meet, exchange cultures, tighten solidarity, and create a happy atmosphere for a new season. Not only does it have a profound spiritual meaning during the coming of Tet and Spring, the field festival also contributes to enriching and diversifying the cultural picture of the northern mountainous ethnic groups.

3. Harvest festival in Xuan Quang

General characteristics of the Harvest Festival in Lao Cai, all pray for people to have prosperity, good crops, full of rice, chickens, pigs, etc. But for each different ethnic group in the province, the way to organize the festival is very different. together.

The Harvest Festival of the Dao Tuyen people in Lang My village, Xuan Quang commune, Bao Thang district. It’s usually held on the first day of the Rat in the first lunar month every year. The local people praying for prosperity, good crops, and rice full of chickens…

This beautiful traditional culture of the Dao Tuyen people embodies many profound spiritual elements of the entire community, expressing the cultural identity and solidarity of the Dao community in Lang village. It is not sophisticated but holds deep significance. My Xuan Quang commune in general and the Dao people in Bao Thang district in particular.

4. Forest worship ceremony

IMG Forest Worship Ceremony Bao Thang

For many generations, the Forest Worship Festival at the beginning of the new Spring has become a good custom passed down through generations of the Dao Tuyen people. Accordingly, to prepare for the Forest Worshiping Ceremony. Dao Tuyen households will elect a household head. And all villagers will gather here to prepare offerings. Offerings to the forest are products contributed by villagers. Such as: boiled chicken, pig liver, wine, incense and honey cakes… which have been prepared the day before.

At the beginning of the worshiping ceremony. The offerings will be carried by the villagers under the old tree in the village’s forbidden forest. The shaman holds the trays above the villagers’ heads. Also prepares to worship in front of the temple worshiping the forest god. The forest worshiping ceremony involves the participation of a large number of people in the village and is conducted by the shaman. The person chosen by the villagers to perform the rituals in front of the temple worshiping the forest god. The shaman must be reputable and knowledgeable. customary laws.

The ceremony took place very solemnly in front of an old tree and a temple worshiping the village’s forest god. On behalf of the people, the shaman will read a sacrifice offering thanks to the forest god of the village. And also at the same time pray for a peaceful new year, good weather, and a prosperous and happy life.

At the end of the ceremony, a festival took place with many unique musical performances and folk games. Such as stick pushing, shuttlecock throwing, tug of war,… attracting a large number of people to join in and cheer.

5. Nightingale and Crested bird contest

IMG Nightingale And Crested Bird Contest Bao Thang

The contest attracted many bird owners and pairs of Nightingales and Crested birds to participate.

For the Nightingale bird fighting competition, organizers prescribe a competition format wherein they place two male bird cages facing each other through the door, while positioning two female bird cages next to the male ones for cheering during the battle (referred to as a household war). The matches were exciting, attractive, and fierce. Pairs of nightingales competed in knockout matches, selecting the best pair of birds to compete in the final match.

For the Crested bird singing contest, each round lasts 6 minutes. Accordingly, birds that show signs of fear, sing little, sing rarely, eat a lot, preen their feathers and show other bad habits will gradually be eliminated. After the qualifying rounds, the Organizing Committee selected 4 excellent birds to participate in the final round for ranking.

The Nightingale bird contest and the Crested bird singing contest of Bao Thang district have created a healthy and useful playground. Specially tightening solidarity between individuals and units who love playing ornamental birds inside and outside the province. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to convey to everyone the message of raising awareness of environmental protection and preserving the values of nature.

With traditional Spring festivals and unique and attractive cultural activities in Bao Thang, it will certainly attract a large number of tourists to visit and experience.

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