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Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises with Origin Vietnam. It’s apart of Halong Bay an impressive geographical limestone formation in Northern Vietnam. Too tired with touristy of Halong Bay. So Bai Tu Long Bay is a great choice. Because It has thousand of islands with undiscovered beaches, inland lakes, limestone caves, and floating villages.

It’s recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The best way to enjoy this breathtaking landscape is by boat. There are many cruise offer trip to Bai Tu Long. But it’s depending on your budget, so you can choice for a luxurious cruise or budget one to explore Bai Tu Long Bay.

You will get full experience only if allow for at least an overnight stay as there are plenty of things to see and do here. Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay typically include transfers, and entrance fees, meals, and on-board entertainment and English-speaking guide.

Amazing Bai Tu Long Bay

Let join and experience at magnificent bay which amazing you at first step on the bay and also on the Athena cruise!
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Overnight Cruises Bai Tu Long Bay

Discovery the amazing scenery of Bai Tu Long which nature bless for this bay with our special deals from early bird to last minutes booking cruise. Only at Origin Vietnam.

Dragon Legend Cruise

Discover Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise with Dragon Legend is the best way to get some insight of Vietnamese culture. This is the time for you to enjoy and learn awesome things about Vietnam. Dragon Legend Cruise Halong Bay designed in a way that satisfies the expectation of tourists while portraying Vietnamese culture
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Dragon Pearl Junk

This is a perfect way to spend Overnight cruise Bai Tu Long Bay with Dragon Pearl Junk. Because it's educated and professional crews, you will receive the best hospitality the minute you step on junk. Get ready to explore the magnificent Bai Tu Long Bay the purest areas in the Halong Bay. Explore the untouched Halong Bay on Dragon Pearl. You are going to fall in love with natural beauty, cave, kayaking and a floating village. Make reservation Dragon Pearl now!

Signature Cruise

Signature Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay is a luxury one dedicated to providing quality amenities and outstanding services. We ensure that to make your stay as pleasurable and peaceful as possible. You'll be able to discover the incredible scenic views and fantastic Gulf of Tokin like Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and much more.

Oriental Sails

Oriental Sails presents 2 cruises with 8 and 18 cabins, designed with luxury interiors. Oriental Sails cruise is designed in traditional style and provides with 4 star standard facilities. Which includes the comfy cabin with the large window offering the stunning view of Bai Tu Long Bay beauties. Oriental Sails also features Sundeck - a perfect place for relaxing and witnessing the breathtaking views of Bai Tu Long Bay beauties.
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Garden Bay Legend Cruise

Garden Bay Legend Cruise is here to offer you a fascinating experience. With traditional designed cabin, the authentic food or the journey to untouched beaches and dramatic caves. Garden Bay Legend Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise will give you the insight of great historical, cultural and natural diversity of the bay and local life.
Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela

Ms. Lucy

Ms. Lucy

Ms. Angela & Ms. Lucy is our experts for all Halong Bay cruise booking and as seasoned travellers she has the inside track on the most memorable overnight trip in Halong, Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay.

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Red Dragon Junk

Red Dragon Junk’s named and designed after an authentic Chinese junk, this amazing cruise will give you experience of a lifetime. Having five luxury cabins

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Starlight Cruise

Starlight Cruise

Starlight Cruise is the Queen of the Bay. Packed with 32 lavish rooms with wide and free front deck for views and photo shoots. It’s Big

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Private Halong Bay cruise for couples

L’Amour Junk

L’Amour Junk – Best option for your wonderful Honeymoon! First small luxury junk with just one cabin in Halong Bay. Private and warm services! Built with

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Bai Tu Long Bay Travel Guide & Things to Do


The most highlights islands, beach and fishing villages in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Thay Cave

Thay Cave

If the name of Ha Long Bay is familiar to domestic and foreign tourists, the name Bai Tu Long Bay sounds new. Together in the

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Son Hao Beach

Son Hao Beach

Located on Quan Lan Island with fresh air, stretching natural white sand, clear blue sea water, watching the sunset, lying on the grass, pine forest

Read More »
Tra Ngo Island

Tra Ngo Island

If you love nature, want to immerse yourself in a space filled with green flowers and explore the wildlife of natural creatures, visitors should not

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Van Don Beach

Van Don Beach

Quang Ninh is blessed with silver and gold forest, the sea here is always ranked in the top of the most beautiful beaches in the

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Quan Lan Beach

Quan Lan Beach

Situated in Bai Tu Long Bay, in Van Don island district of Quang Ninh province. It’s located between two communes Quan Lan and Minh Chau.

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Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise FAQs

Everything you should to know before booking and enjoy wonderful cruise Bai Tu Long Bay.

Here are some options of cruises with itinerary to Bai Tu Long Bay:
1. Luxury cruise: Dragon Legend cruise, Starlight cruise
2. Deluxe cruise: Dragon Pearl Junk, Red Dragon Junk, Prince junk, Calypso cruise
3. Superior cruise: Oriental Sails, Legacy cruise, Lavender cruise
4. Private cruise: L’amour junk, Prince junk

Bai Tu Long bay day tour is a short time for visiting the bay when you have limited time. It depends on you book private cruise or share cruise, you can active in the time booking.

With private cruise you should book as soon as possible when you make plan so that the cruise is available as your wish when less cruise can have private tour here.

When you make share group cruise day trip with many people you should book in advance 1 week to 1 month, and depend on the high season or low season.

Bai Tu Long Bay located in the northeast of Vietnam. So the weather is very similar like Halong. But Bai Tu Long weather in the spring season (February – April) is consideration as the best. Because if you spend cruise in Bai Tu Long bay during this period the water temperature is warm. It’s very good for swimming also very good for water sport activities. Especially the heat and humidity are mild and the sun shines brightly through clear blue skies.

Bai Tu Long Bay is sometimes called a children of Halong Bay. But it’s much larger than Halong. Bai Tu long remains an off the beaten track. It’s a perfect one for adventure lover and avoid the crowds of Halong Bay. Because it’s less touristy area, water cleaner, beach also cleaner too.

Bai Tu Long National Park is nearly 16 hectares wide with 40 islands, located in the core zone of Bai Tu Long Bay, with rich ecosystems in both terrestrial, underwater and mangrove areas. There is also a sanctuary of many rare and endemic animals. So that if you want to visit Bai Tu Long National park you can go there by speed boat or day boat. If you are adventure lover so we would like to suggest you do private overnight Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay that you can sails any places in Bai TU Long National Park zone as you want.

Kayaking activities is one of the most trip highlight cruise Bai Tu Long Bay. Because the bay with thousand of island surrounding and the ware is gentle that is perfect for kayaking activities in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Yes, it is. Halong Bay cruise is easy to have fully booked room. Therefore, when you have a request and decide to book room with the cruise the bay you choose, you make deposit online immediately to guarantee the cruise as your wish.

We make security 3D and has security code from your bank to reconfirm while making online payment so it is very safe when you pay by credit card

Bai Tu Long Bay cruise luxury is for 5 star quality and the price has different cabin type of single, double/twin or triple. So when you book cabin you order specific to get the correct price cabin type.
Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise from Hanoi is the popular tour for tourist. When you decide a cruise which has the itinerary to Bai Tu Long Bay, you order cabin and cruise with Sales Executive and then they will confirm you with all details. Shuttle bus will always start and end in Hanoi.
There are many ways for you to travel to Bai Tu Long Bay from Hai Phong. They are by bus, taxi or private transport which you can travel from Hai Phong to Halong city and reach the harbor where your cruise to start tour on Bai Tu Long Bay
Bai Tu Long Bay overnight cruise is the most recommendation for travelling to enjoy the compeletely the bay’s beauties. After we confirm your booking with us, we will ask you all personal details (all full name as in passport, hotel in Hanoi…) and latest 2 days before trip to make all procedure for overnight on cruise
Before making the trip, the cruise always requires you to make payment in advance and it is from 10 days till 1 month according to each cruise policy.
When you make cruise trip, you can have many Bai Tu Long Bay activities such as kayaking, swimming, visiting caves, or some cruises has BBQ lunch or dinner on beach.
Yes, you can. We have some cruise which have Bai Tu Long Bay package 4 days such as L’Amour Junk (1 cabin), Prince Junk(2 & 4 cabins), Dragon Bay (3 cabins), Red Dragon(5 cabins), Dragon Pearl Junk(11 cabins).
When you make the booking with Bai Tu Long cruise operators, the sales will confirm you about the cancellation term or you can check it in term and condition on our website. And it requires from 2 weeks to 1 month for cancellation without charge.
Yes, you do. You make Bai Tu Long Bay cruise booking requires you to bring your original passport for checking when getting on board from local administration.
Bai Tu Long Bay cruise 2 nights will give you more time and space to both relax on cruise and enjoy the beautiful seascapes of the bay. That is why we recommend to spend 2 nights for enjoyment.
Yes, you can. However, you need to move from Cat Ba on ferry to reach Tuan Chau Island. And then depend on the cruise you choose you can move to the cruise’s harbor (Hon Gai, Bai Chay or Tuan Chau harbor) for getting on to discover Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise from Cat Ba.
Quang Ninh has many beautiful bays, Ha Long Bay is classified as a World Natural Heritage. But Bai Tu Long Bay brings enchanting wild beauty with diverse types of tourism.

Bai Tu Long Bay feature

Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the east of the tourist area of ​​Ha Long Bay, a depression in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the Northeast of Vietnam. It’s includes a sea area of ​​Ha Long city, the East borders the sea, the West borders Cam Pha town and the Northeast borders Co To island district. Along the routes from Ha Long Bay to Bai Tu Long Bay. It is a complex of magnificent limestone mountains, islands famous for beautiful and charming spaces. Such as Ky Nhay islands, Ky Nha islands, Vang islet, Red cluster islet. Van Don… are also attractions to explore. Bai Tu Long Bay consists of hundreds of islands, large and small, many of them are large and inhabited. Residents on the bay live concentrated in Van Don, Quan Lan, Ban Sen and Ngoc Vung island. Almost local people here live by fishing, aquaculture.

The best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is an island region with two distinct seasons, hot and humid summer, and cold dry winter. The annual average temperature is from 15 degrees to 25 degrees, and the rainfall is about 2,000 mm – 2,500mm / year. So it’s very suitable for sightseeing activities.

Things to do in Bai Tu Long Bay

Coming to Bai Tu Long Bay, you will be able to do kayak. It’s a type of rowing boat to visit every corner of the bay will bring a more wonderful feeling. But this activity takes quite a lot of energy and only for travelers with tough health. If you are not healthy or are afraid to boating, you can hire a Halong bay cruise to visit Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay to not lose your health as well as save time. Especially interesting in Bai Tu Long with its charming clear blue color, visitors coming here can try the feeling of struggling under clear blue water to feel the coolness, a feeling no less. The adventure is jumping from a boat into the sea, which is popular with many tourists. Bai Tu Long Bay is also a very special tourist destination in the past. The most famous one is Van Don commercial port, an area on the wharf under the busy boat. This is also a place to commemorate the hero Tran Khanh Du and his three cousins ​​Pham, from Quan Lan commune, who defeated the army of Nguyen Mong enemy general Truong Van Ho.

Cultural relics in Bai Tu Long Bay

In Bai Tu Long Bay, there are many famous temples. Such as Tran Quoc Tang Temple (also known as Transparent Temple). Don Tinh Hai, Mac Dynasty (on Ngoc Vung island) at Quan Lan peak , 100-room pagoda in Thang Loi commune is also a famous historical and cultural relic in Bai Tu Long.

It is worth a visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay has a variety of types of sightseeing tours. It also has rich and diverse fauna and flora. The flora includes 780 species, 468 species of genera, 135 families of vascular plants. Especially there are 21 rare plant species recorded in the Vietnam Red Book and 10 rare species that need to be protected. Going to Bai Tu Long Bay is indispensable for sea tourism. In the population of Bai Tu Long Bay, there are 2km of natural coastline with fine white sand, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Tonkin. Above the beach is a primeval forest area stretching over an area of ​​14 hectares, very suitable for those who prefer this type of ecotourism.

Bai Tu Long Bay attracts tourists by the majestic and wild beauty bestowed by nature. Along with Ha Long Bay, this place was voted as one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

The harmonious combination between the mountains, the sea, the people and especially the dishes made from seafood of the residents of Van Chai has created the pristine, enchanting beauty of the bay.

The famous delicious dishes food in Bai Tu Long Bay must be mentioned:

1. Nodding Cake

Nodding cake is a speciality of the land of Quang Ninh. And is the favourite food of all visitors when visiting this place. The cake is made from rice, not much different from rice rolls. Serve with chicken fat and onion. Its delicious taste will definitely make you unforgettable.

2. Tu Hai

Tu Hai is one of the most popular seafood with very high nutritional value. It’s chewy, sweet, and crunchy, and can be processed into many different dishes. But the best one is the grilled onion grease.

3. Blue crab

The blue crab is one of the favourite specialities of tourists coming to Bai Tu Long. Green chives are processed in the style of green chives, steamed green chives or green chives with green pepper. Coming to Bai Tu Long, you definitely have to taste it once.

4. Sa Sung

Sa Sung, also known as worm Cat, is seafood only available in Ha Long, so this dish is quite rare and quite expensive. It is processed into many dishes. The fresh one can be fried with a garlic stick, Dried Sa Sung can be grilled or roasted. This dish is often used for drinking alcohol, and it is also used to cook broth for delicious seafood Pho.

5. Sea Sam

Sea Sam is also a very special dish in Ha Long. It’s processed into a lot of different seafood dishes such as: Red soup, sam salad, sweet and sour pork, stir-fried sam with lemongrass and chilli, fried sam eggs, fried sam eggs, grilled cartilage, sauteed sam with vermicelli …

6. Ca Day Tien Yen

It is often processed into roast meat. To create this very unique, very delicious Ca Say Tien Yen, people here cook Ca Say meat and roast fragrantly, combined with the sweet char siu taste of Guangxi and the spiciness of Tien Yen ginger in the sauce Cai Rong Quang Ninh or the Cat Hai Hai Phong.

Besides, there are many dishes processed from snails. Snails in Ha Long, there are many types: Huong snails, dia snails, gai snails, van snails, mut snails … Same sauce but each type of snail has its own flavour, its own way of enjoying …

And to be able to enjoy fresh, attractive seafood at the best prices. The following 4 places are the ideal places for you to choose in your travel itinerary.

7. Food on Overnight Cruises

Most visitors to Ha Long choose a yacht to visit the bay, a few others choose to see the beautiful bay from above by seaplane. To explore all the caves and beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay you will have to float all day or even day, so enjoying seafood on the cruise is a reasonable choice. Depending on the time and price of the tour, visitors will enjoy different dishes, popularly steamed clams with lemongrass, crispy squid, grilled scallop, steamed crabs, fried snails with tamarind, lobster …

8. Cai Dam Market

Cai Dam Market is only about 3km from Bai Chay tourist area, with all kinds of seafood. This is the place where many tourists choose to enjoy seafood. The price of seafood here is quite cheap, visitors can buy and then bring it to nearby restaurants through processing to enjoy.

9. Ben Doan Street

For those tourists who are quite familiar with Ha Long tourism, Ben Doan is the ideal place to enjoy seafood. Only at the beginning of the road, visitors can see the seductive aroma of grilled shrimp, grilled crabs, grilled snails … While eating seafood, enjoying the cool breeze blowing in from the sea at extremely affordable prices. An experience visitors should try when going to Ha Long.

10. Boat Bouy

In addition to the 3 traditional places above, you can choose to enjoy seafood on a boat buoy. This is a relatively new form with the structure of a local mini-restaurant floating on the sea. Serving a full range of fresh seafood dishes that have been caught directly in the sea to ensure fresh quality.

The best kinds of seafood and places to enjoy seafood in Ha Long above must give you many interesting suggestions, right? Wish you have a happy culinary trip and experience many delicious dishes.

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