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Agarwood fish – Specialty at Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is not only famous for its majestic beauty. Coming here, visitors will be fascinated by Cao Bang’s specialties, including grilled Agarwood fish. Let’s learn about this specialty dish with Origin Vietnam.

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Agarwood fish is a delicious, famous fish at Ban Gioc waterfall, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. In the past, there was a lot of agarwood at the foot of Ban Gioc waterfall, but today it is gradually decreasing. And, now agarwood fish has become a specialty that cannot be missed when traveling to Ban Gioc waterfall.

Agarwood fish often eat the roots and decaying leaves of agarwood trees growing along the Quay Son and Bac Vong rivers, so the fish’s meat is very fragrant and delicious. Agarwood fish meat is firm, when grilled, it has a sweet and fragrant taste.

IMG Agarwood Fish 2

Every afternoon, people go boating to find a place with many agarwood trees to cast their lines. The bait is only agarwood leaves that can catch fish.

In particular, agarwood fish caught at Ban Gioc waterfall is the most delicious, with very firm meat. Grilling is the most delicious dish because the flavor of the fish is preserved. Clean the fish, and add a few vegetables and spices inside. Then, wrap the fish in banana leaves and put it on the charcoal grill. The aroma of the fish is fragrant. Dip a little fish sauce and feel the delicious taste of the fish, with a hint of astringency. You should not miss this specialty dish when you have the opportunity to travel to Cao Bang.

IMG Agarwood Fish 1

Cao Bang cuisine brings unique flavors to the Northeast region of Vietnam. Each dish carries the flavor of cultural values ​​and the quintessence of culinary culture in Cao Bang.

If you are planning your tour to Vietnam to Ban Gioc Waterfall, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional travel company in Vietnam. With a team of experienced and enthusiastic staff, always accompanying you on your journey to discover Ban Gioc waterfall with its beautiful natural landscape and learn about the local cultural identity. You will experience the attractive and typical specialties of Cao Bang.

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